5 Types of Internet Users who need a VPN – Are You One of them?

Do you Need a VPN for Your Online Activity?

The online world offers unlimited possibilities, but it can also be a very unsafe place if you’re not careful. That’s why many people use antivirus, antimalware and VPN services to maintain their online security and privacy. If you’ve ever wondered if you need a VPN, high chances are that you should already have one. In this weeks Zlog post, we’ll talk about the 5 types of internet users who need a VPN and help you decide if you need a VPN service for your online activity.

Privacy Advocates

In countries like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and even Russia, it’s impossible to access websites many users in the western hemisphere take for granted. Not only that, there have been plenty of documented cases where governments all around the world not only block users from accessing certain websites but also monitor and record every move that their citizens make while browsing the web.

Such actions have led to the popularization of VPNs, as they’ve become a crucial tool in the battle against authoritarianism and censorship. By using proven and reputable VPN services, privacy advocates can evade censorship filters and evade restrictions their government imposes on them.

Torrenters/Piracy Downloaders

People who illegally download or share copyrighted content comprise the majority of VPN users. Torrenting and P2P file sharing is a very popular and convenient way of sharing every piece of content, from movies and music, games and programs. But, since the content is copyrighted, users can get into trouble with the law.

While they’re not immediately apparent and don’t come instantly. The consequences of torrenting copyrighted content are just not worth the risk. This is because torrenting in itself is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material without permission is. By using a VPN, you will enjoy an extra layer of protection, making it that much harder for your ISP and the copyright holder to track down your torrenting activities. So, if you’re an internet user who frequently visits torrenting websites, getting a reliable VPN service is well worth the monthly price tag of a couple of bucks.

Online Streamers

It’s pretty clear that people who torrent content need a VPN to keep them safe and private online, but what about internet users who like to stream online content and watch movies and tv shows from streaming websites? Why should they need a VPN in order to legally watch their favorite content?

Streaming content online

When it comes to popular streaming platforms like Netflix or the BBC iPlayer, users from certain parts of the world are restricted from accessing these websites due to their sophisticated geographical filters. For example, content on Netflix UK or the iPlayer is available exclusively to UK viewers. This is mainly because of discrepancies between copyright laws in different countries.

While it’s a sensible thing to do from the platform’s standpoint, it also means that many viewers are blocked from accessing their favorite shows. Luckily, there’s a simple way around this. By using a VPN, you can connect to a remote server location and fool the platform’s geo-blockers into thinking you’re accessing their website from a locally based server.  

Frequent Travelers

In today’s modern society, technology has become an essential aspect of every globetrotter. With so many gadgets, apps and tech tools every traveler uses, a VPN might just be the most useful one. Some travelers use VPNs to anonymously browse booking sites and go around location filtering. This allows them to book cheaper airplane tickets or accommodation. Others like to use it for entertainment purposes and access their go-to websites even when abroad.

VPN for travelers

But, the biggest reason frequent travelers use a VPN when traveling abroad is data security and protection. While traveling, you’ll often have to use public Wi-Fi connections, which are more likely than not, unsecured and open for theft. When connected to a VPN on a public Wi-Fi, all of the information you share on that network will be encrypted.

People who Work Online

It wouldn’t be a fair article without mentioning a key part of the VPN community – remote workers. Remote working is becoming increasingly popular as it allows companies and employees to be flexible, while also saving both time and money. In such cases, using a VPN is a sensible thing to do,  especially when employees work on networks prone to hacking.

working from home

When it comes to people who work online, market researchers, tech specialists and analysists are just some of the most notable VPN users that heavily utilize the advantages VPNs bring to the table. They can use VPNs to browse and compare vital market information without giving away their identity or derive useful information by directly studying search engines from different server locations.

Do You Belong In any of These Groups?

If you found yourself in any of the 5 types of internet users who need a VPN, you should think of getting a VPN for your everyday internet needs. With a market so saturated with options, it’s hard to pick a quality and reliable VPN service. With ZoogVPN, you can have a VPN that meets all of your requirements and comes with affordable price plans. Get a VPN today and enjoy the internet in maximum privacy and security.

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