A Few Simple Steps to Improve Online Security

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Steps You Can Take to Enhance Your Online Security


The Internet has become the greatest open source of knowledge. People use the Internet to engage in many different online activities. There are countless articles discussing the security threats that come as a result of improper use of social media networks, so people often forget that even a simple browsing of websites hides many risks. In order to fight these online threats and stay safe, each user must take certain steps that can guarantee online anonymity and privacy and protect the devices they use (desktop or laptop computers or mobile devices). In case you don’t follow any advice and you don’t take preventive measures, it is very likely that you will become a victim of a virus or hacking attack and your private information might get compromised. In addition, unauthorized individuals or organizations might analyze your online activity. The following is a list of steps that can provide maximum online security and privacy.

1. VPN for improved online privacy

There are many situations in which people use public Wi-Fi hotspots that are free. They can be found everywhere and people feel like they are getting something useful for free. While this is true in most cases, there is a risk that your private data might get exposed. Our devices keep very important things like our personal information, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords etc. Experienced hackers can use a public Wi-Fi to access this information. Such breach of online security can literally change your life. Some hackers use these public Wi-Fi spots to access other people’s devices while others create fake hotspots. This is where a good VPN or virtual private network can help.

VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel which allows safe use of the Internet without the worries of hacking attacks. There is no way for hackers to hack into a VPN. Another reason why VPN is a popular solution is the fact that even your ISP (internet service provider) can’t view your online activity, something that they are able to do when you don’t use VPN. The only thing that they can see is whether you are online or not. VPN is great for those who want to access certain geo-limited streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, CBS All Access, BBC iPlayer etc. There are many VPN service providers, but you need to stick to the ones that have proven to provide high quality service like zoogvpn.

With ZoogVPN you will keep the same speed of your connection and you will be completely safe from online threats.

2. Use two-step authentication

Regular security is not enough today. That’s why more and more people use two-step authentication. There are many apps that can help you create this type of protection and use it in popular software solutions like Dropbox, LastPass, Google Drive etc. In some cases you can get double online security for your social media accounts too.

3. Use cloud storage carefully

While it is true that cloud storage is one of the best things that have happened in the IT world in the past decade, it is also true that this might not be the safest solution for storing data (although it is the most convenient one). You should be very careful what kind of information you are leaving to these apps. Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive are some of the popular cloud storage options and most of them are free. However, what only a small percentage of people know is that most of these services keep the data you share even when you delete it. So, if you want to avoid any unpleasant situations, make sure that you are not storing some very sensitive information and files on these storage services and try to use encrypted storage whenever this option is available. This practice might cost you a certain amount of money, but remember that your online privacy is in question.

By following these steps, you will be able to secure your online activities. Government agencies and your ISP won’t be able to monitor your activity, hackers won’t be able to steal your information and access your devices and on top of that, you will gain access to geo-limited websites and services.

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