An Introduction to Facebook Privacy Settings

facebook securityThings You Need to Know about Facebook Privacy

Although Facebook guarantees our privacy, their guarantee applies only to a certain extent. Of course, you can always accept, reject, add and delete friends and you can control who and how they see your profile, but whenever you visit some page or product the administrators of that page takes notes. You don’t have to worry that your activity will someday be revealed to the public, but you must understand that Facebook is not a very private place. Everything you do there is collected and sorted.

There is no doubt that Facebook is an excellent way to keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. However, since there are many different categories of people who are our “friends” on Facebook, it is crucial to limit the access to all your activities, videos and photos to certain categories. For example, you don’t need to share your crazy weekend with your boss. The good news is that Facebook privacy settings can be changed at any time and customized to your personal requirements and desires.

Working on basic Facebook privacy settings

First of all, you need to check who can see your stuff. You can modify the visibility of your future posts and you can also limit the things people see on your timeline. In addition, you can limit the visibility of the images, posts and videos where you have been tagged. Furthermore, you can also change the way people can contact you. Your inbox is designed in a way in which messages from your friends are always on top which is quite logical. People who are not your friends can also send you messages. You can make these messages appear right under your friends’ messages if they belong to the group of people you may know. If you don’t have mutual friends with the person who has sent you a message their message will be somewhere in the bottom. When it comes to receiving friend requests the default setting is everyone, but you can limit it. In case someone is bothering you, you can always block them.

Using advanced Facebook privacy settings

Once you are finished with the basic settings you can move to the advanced settings. The most important part is the way your timeline looks. There are many options that you can use for this purpose. First and foremost, you can allow or stop people from posting on your timeline. You can allow only certain categories of friends to post there. It is also a good idea to review posts in which you are tagged by your friends before they are posted on your timeline. As a matter of fact you can also change the visibility of posts in which you are tagged.

As you already know, Facebook is using the special technology that allows tagging suggestions. You can turn off this feature, so you won’t be suggested to your friends when they are tagging posts.


Facebook is trying their best to provide a pleasant experience to their users and this is the reason why they have paid special attention to the blocking feature. Users can simply block other users, create restricted lists and block both app and event invites. When we are talking about apps, it is good to mention that you can easily adjust the settings for each app you are using. Besides the fact that you can control what your installed apps can see and post on your behalf, you can also check the apps that are people are using and limit their access to your profile.

Checking and adjusting ad settings

You have probably noticed that Facebook has increased the number of ads that appear on our profiles. This is quite natural because Facebook is a free social media network and ads are their primary source of income. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to look at some offensive, inappropriate and irrelevant ads. Facebook comes with a feature which allows users to change ad settings. You can easily hide the ads from certain companies that seem to be targeting people by their age, location or interests.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy Facebook even more than before.

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