How has Coronavirus managed to Affect the Online World

Coronavirus online world

How Coronavirus impacts the Digital World

The Coronavirus has already caused quite a disturbance all over the globe. So much so that it has not only affected the day-to-day lives of citizens but also caused a ruckus in the online world. Its effects on the economy are yet to be seen, but many companies, even those that operate online, are already going out of business due to government-issued restrictions. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll talk about how the Coronavirus outbreak is currently shaping the online world and what you can do to best deal with the changes.

A Spike in VPN Use

As Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, many organizations have resorted to sending their employees home for remote work. And, when it comes to remote work, we’ve seen a huge spike in VPN usage since the outbreak. Although VPNs have been steadily growing in popularity year after year, over the past  few months there has been a massive uptick of VPN users.

With a large part of the developed world’s population forced to work from home, and many people being stuck in quarantine in foreign countries, these services have shown as very useful in bridging the gap between users from all around the globe. This is easy to understand, as no other app can provide you with such convenient remote access like a VPN can. When working remotely is the only choice; this is an extremely important tool to have by your side.

Concerns over Online Safety

While self-quarantine is the best prevention method against this virus, it’s still important to keep safe when working over the internet. When working from home, you’re potentially putting a lot of personal and business information on the line. This is because home networks are often not as secure as those in office spaces and aren’t maintained by skilled IT personnel. Hackers and malevolent third parties that are after your sensitive information can easily snatch any data from your unprotected connection and cause you a lot of damage.

This is yet another aspect in which a VPN can prove useful. Aside from the benefit we previously mentioned, one of VPN’s main tasks is to also keep you safe and private from anyone trying to snoop on your connection or get access to your online activities. This especially goes if you’re working from home and require a private connection you can trust to send your sensitive business information through. By creating a secure and encrypted tunnel, a VPN can mask your real connection and keep any confidential information far away from prying eyes.

The Importance of Choosing the Right VPN

From the perspective of VPN services, the biggest positive is the overall spike in customers and increased revenue. With that said, just like many real-world institutions and services, most VPNs aren’t prepared to handle the exponential increase in the long run. Crowded servers can lead to ineffective and unusable VPN services. Aside from this, some VPN services have also taken advantage of this opportunity and increased prices to maximize potential revenue over the next few weeks and months.

Because of this, it’s crucial to pick a VPN that’s stable enough to handle a large influx of users and has enough servers to support heavy use. At ZoogVPN, we have a well-distributed network of servers all around the world, so you never have to worry about slow connection speeds or connection drops. More importantly, our prices remain the most affordable ones on the market, offering you the best value for your money. Choose one of our paid subscription plans or try our service for free and ensure that your online connection is safe and private at all times.

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