The Connection Between Cryptocurrencies and VPNs – When And How to Use Both

Cryptocurrencies and VPNs

Cryptocurrencies and VPNs – When And How to Use Both

Buying VPN services with e-wallets or credit cards can be a risky move nowadays. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become extremely popular for VPN users.  But, finding a quality VPN that also supports cryptocurrency payments can be a difficult task. Moreover, the majority of internet users aren’t aware of the benefits they can enjoy when using the two together. That’s why, in this week’s Zlog, we will talk about how you can use cryptocurrencies and VPNs to boost your online privacy, but also make anonymous payments all over the globe.

Using a VPN when buying Cryptocurrencies

There are several reasons why cryptocurrency traders should take extra security measures when buying and selling crypto coins online. Reasons like legal issues, enormous crypto taxes and the fact that trading cryptocurrencies are downright illegal in some countries are all big obstacles for those who would like to trade digital money online.

Another reason to use a VPN when trading cryptocurrencies is to ensure maximum anonymity and privacy, as there are ways crypto transactions can be traced back to the user. We’ll take Bitcoin as an example. As a transparent and independent system in its core, Bitcoin still requires a certain level of security and protection. Although very difficult, there are ways a Bitcoin transaction can be linked to a certain user and his real identity, especially if he has amassed a substantial amount of wealth in this currency.

The best way to avoid these issues is to use a VPN. By using a VPN, the user can increase his overall level of privacy and anonymity and avoid government surveillance and IP address tracking. This will allow them to buy and sell cryptocurrencies bellow the radar, without the government being aware of the transactions.

Using Cryptocurrencies when Purchasing VPN Services

Traditional online payment methods like PayPal or credit cards draw big security risks with them. Exposing emails, private information or credit card details is an issue many online users fear. Cryptocurrencies are great alternatives to keep all of the above-mentioned details from third-party observers. However, not all VPN services give their users the option of paying with cryptocurrencies, as this digital currency is still not as widespread as other payment services. This can all be a hassle that just doesn’t seem to be worth it for some VPN users. So, it poses a question- Is it even a good idea to use CryptoCurrencies to Purchase VPN Services?

To put it best, while a cryptocurrency payment might not ensure complete transaction privacy, it is a much better way to pay online and one that adds a much stronger layer of protection compared to other payment methods. It’s not about being completely anonymous, but instead about understanding what you’re protecting yourself and your online activities from. Simply said, it makes it very difficult for someone to track the transaction back to you. But, this is why it’s also important to choose a proven and tested VPN service. That brings us to the next point.

How to Buy a VPN with Cryptocurrency

For privacy enthusiasts and those who are very careful about the data and information, they share with the online world, buying VPN services with a cryptocurrency is an excellent way to ensure online anonymity. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find and pick a VPN that supports cryptocurrency transactions. Not every VPN supports cryptocurrency transactions, but there are some reliable VPNs that allow it, like ZoogVPN.
  2. Sign up and select the Bitcoin payment option. During the signup process, make sure you use a secondary email and try to give as little information as possible.
  3. Complete the registration process and download VPN software.
  4. That’s all! Start browsing online and enjoy maximum privacy

The entire process is very simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes. We hope that this blog post helped you understand how cryptocurrencies and VPNs can be used together to benefit the user and keep his online payments and activities anonymous. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and quality VPN service, sign up with ZoogVPN now, or select out free service plan and secure your online privacy.

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