Advanced features

Your traffic is encrypted, your data is safe, and your internet is uncensored with the best secure US VPN


Best VPN protocols

ZoogVPN supports major VPN protocols. By default, our apps are equipped with the most trusted IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. They are supported out of the box and don’t require any hassle. If you are interested in PPTP, L2TP/IPSec – we’ve also got you covered. 


Kill Switch

Privacy and security are a cornerstone of any trusted VPN and this is why we’ve implemented a built-in Kill Switch feature on our desktop apps, protecting you in case of any unexpected VPN connection dropouts, for that extra peace of mind. Kill switch automatically locks your internet if you suddenly disconnect from a VPN.


Leak protection

Our software comes with advanced leakproofing enabled by default that ensures there are no IP or DNS leaks. Once you are connected you VPN server, you will get the complete anonymity online and real internet privacy without any risks.



Our apps are optimized to bypass firewalls and restrictions of heavily censored countries with advanced obfuscation techniques. Use our apps in heavily censored places like China, UAE, Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and others. We will provide you with a Manual IP to bypass ZoogVPN app blocks while the Shadowing feature will enable connection from the censored network.


Bank-grade encryption

Keep your sensitive data secure online and on public Wi-Fi with the industry leading bank grade 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit hash key to protect you from hackers, 3rd party snoopers and data thieves. Do your online banking and browse private websites with confidence of bank grade encryption.


Torrent-friendly servers

Download torrents with peace of mind and confidence on dozens of torrent friendly, fast and unlimited VPN servers marked as ‘P2P’. There is no more need to worry about DMCA notices or speed throttling.


Strictly no logs

We take your privacy very seriously and as such do not keep any logs. Logs can easily link actions back to you, especially considering the level of mass surveillance in the United States. We don’t keep any logs, so we can’t pass any. Furthermore, ZoogVPN has advanced DNS leak protection in the apps, because your privacy is our number one priority.

Global VPN network

Global VPN network

Unlike many VPN service providers that offer slow, blocked, unreliable servers, we carefully cherry-pick the best servers from main locations worldwide. We constantly monitor, upgrade and expand our growing fast VPN network to deliver best VPN service.


7-days money-back guarantee

On top of offering an absolutely free VPN service, you are covered by our 7-days money-back guarantee when getting a Premium subscription. If you want to get a refund within 7 days after your payment is done, drop a line to our customer support team.

Download Free US VPN for Privacy & Speed boost

If you want to bypass the geoblocked content outside the US, we have the right solution for you. Whether it is a free or paid VPN service you're after, PC or mobile app – we've got you covered. No matter where you are currently located: somewhere in the Old World, Latin America, or stateside, you will definitely benefit from protecting your privacy and security on your online travels. Sign up now for ZoogVPN, download our client, and enjoy your newfound security!

One subscription for all household devices

The average American consumer has 10 household devices. With one subscription ZoogVPN is available on all of your devices at the same time, including mobile phones and AndroidTVs.

Also secure your Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and Routers.

Get started with our risk-free 7 days money-back guarantee.