Five Best Free Streaming Sites

five best free streaming sites

Enjoy Unlimited Content From the Five Best Free Streaming Sites

Free streaming sites offer you a convenient source of entertainment. Regardless if you want to watch classic movie flicks or keep up to date with the latest popular shows, you can just load up the website, choose what you want to watch and enjoy.

That said, not every site is worth your attention, and a lot of them can cause you quite a bit of trouble by infecting your device with malware and stealing your personal information.

This is why you should only use trusted and proven streaming sites that have been around for some time. Read this week’s Zlog and find out what the five best free streaming sites in 2020 are, as well as our tips on how to have a smooth and safe experience when streaming online content.


There are many reasons why Crackle is our top pick for the best free streaming site. It’s very well organized and has a robust content lineup. This not only makes it the best free streaming site, but also one of the best free Roku channels. Plus, since Sony owns it, you can access the entire Sony back catalog and enjoy hundreds of titles for free. Currently, Crackle is only available to users from the US, meaning that you need to use a VPN to access its extensive library.


CONtv is probably the most niche site out of the five best streaming sites we’re going to look at. It’s a Mecca for fans of sci-fi, horror, and cult films in general. Initially created to serve as a content platform for the Comic-Con community, this site still streams Comic-Con events and a variety of fantasy, gaming, and superhero-related content. The platform is available only in the US, and you’ll have to use a VPN to explore CONtv’s content.


Just like our top choice, Crackle, this streaming site offers a massive library with anything from cult movies and big hits to B-movies and even some original content. A great thing about Popcornflix is that you’re not required to sign up to enjoy their services. Although the site is available in almost every corner of the world, we recommend that you use a VPN on this site. This is because some of the ads on the site can be suspicious, and a VPN can provide you with adequate protection against them.


SnagFilms is an excellent all-around choice for streamers. Regardless if you wish to watch a movie, TV-show, explore a documentary or even a comedy special, you can find all of it on SnagFilms. You’re not required to sign up to watch, but if you want to enjoy the enhanced benefits, the sign-up process is simple. The content is nicely laid out and easy to browse, and most importantly, the ads are fairly short and not very intrusive.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another fantastic free streaming site with a vast content library. The site offers a very intuitive layout and is extremely easy to navigate. There are useful features such as “Leaving Soon,” which highlights the shows that will be removed from the platform soon, and a “Not on Netflix” tab, where you can find all of the shows and movies that aren’t available on Netflix. With all of this said, just like Crackle, Tubi TV is only available in the US. This leads us to the next important aspect of this topic.

Why You Need a VPN to Stream from Free Streaming Sites

The five websites we talked above are our top picks for the best free streaming sites, based on our strict criteria. But, we should mention that these sites, as well as most other free streaming websites, are geo-restricted. Websites use geo-blocking for many different reasons, with the biggest one being copyright laws.

To avoid legal consequences sites only allow users from approved areas and block all others accessing from different regions. While this is a bit annoying, you can easily go around geo-blocks with a VPN. By changing your virtual address, you’ll trick the site into thinking that you’re accessing from the same region, and it’ll allow you to access its content library.

Aside from being able to access any streaming site you want, you’ll also be able to enjoy streaming without having to think about your online privacy and safety. Even popular and trusted streaming sites can have security flaws, and hackers always know how to exploit them. With the protection of a VPN, you’ll be protected from any invasive trackers, suspicious advertisements, and, most importantly, viruses and malware.

How to Use ZoogVPN to Access Free Streaming Sites

Choosing the right VPN can be difficult. With so many options on the market, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. At ZoogVPN, we offer you a premium service at the most affordable prices. Moreover, we’ve recently upgraded our free plan from 2GB to 10GB, offering you the perfect opportunity to try out our service before you decide if purchasing the full service is the best way to go. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to set up a VPN and enjoy streaming, here’s how you can do if with our VPN service in just a few simple steps:

  1. Choose one of our plans and download an app for your device
  2. Complete the quick installation process and choose your server
  3. Pick one of the five best free streaming sites from this page and enjoy your favorite shows and movies!

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