Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using A VPN

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using A VPNVPN – Virtual Private Network

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a term used to describe a group of networked computers through a public network or the Internet. You may have heard about this definition, but what does this exactly mean? This means that you don’t have to use a computer physically only on one place. You can use it on any location in the world with the benefits that you have by using your local network.

In the recent period VPN is a term that is often associated with some immoral activities because certain companies believe that people use VPN solutions in order to bypass certain restrictions and get certain content for free. However, most VPN users are using this solution in order to protect themselves. VPN is a perfect solution when you use mobile devices too. There are many different categories of people who are using VPN services. Some of these categories include –students and employees who need better protection, individuals who are downloading a lot of content, individuals who live in countries where certain contents are restricted etc.

Now let’s highlight the five reasons why you should be using a VPN.

 1. Use Public Wi-Fi hotspots without worrying about your security

According to some statistics more than 50% of Internet users are using some of their mobile devices to access the Internet. Accessing internet through a smartphone, phablet or tablet has never been easier because almost anywhere you go you will find free public Wi-Fi connections. Airports, restaurants and shopping malls are some of the places where with only few clicks you will get the much needed internet connection. Although these hotspots come with many advantages there is one huge disadvantage and that’s security. Skilled hackers can easily use this type of connection to gain access to your mobile device. However, if you use a VPN you will be protected from this threat. If you use a VPN like the one provided by zoogvpn, your data will be encrypted. This means that you will be able to access your social media accounts or even bank accounts without worrying about your security.

 2. Access restricted content when abroad

In case you are out of the US or you are living out of the US and you want to access some geo-restricted website, the easiest way to do that is to use a VPN. There are dozens of websites especially those focused on entertainment like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Pandora that come with a system that prevents all non-US IP addresses to access their content. With the help of a VPN you will be able to change your IP address into a US one and access these websites no matter where you are. On top of that, you won’t experience any problems with the Internet speed.

3. Access restricted networks

There are many companies and schools that block certain websites for their users. Employees and students are blocked when they want to use some of the popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook or some other entertainment websites. Thanks to a VPN you will be able to skip these restrictions and in addition, you will protect your browsing history too. In other words, you will be perfectly safe from your supervisor.

 Browse Internet safely and anonymouslyBrowse Internet safely and anonymously

 4. Protect your privacy

In the recent period we are witnessing reports about claims from individuals and legal entities that believe that they were monitored or tracked by some national security agencies. Although they have the right to do that in case they believe that the security of the country is at risk, the fact is that most of those who are followed are not doing anything illegal. So, if you want to protect yourself from being monitored and your web browsing habits analyzed by government organization then VPN is the best solution for you. There is no way for these agencies to track your Internet habits if you use a VPN service like the one provided by zoogvpn.

 5. Feel free to do some research

If you are a website owner and you want to analyze your competition you will probably have to visit their websites regularly. In this way they can notice your IP address and they will know that you are visiting them which is a little bit uncomfortable. With a good VPN solution you will be able to change your IP address and appear like a visitor from different countries every time you visit some particular website

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