VPN Predictions for 2020 – What’s in Store for VPN Services?

VPN services in 2020

What’s in Store for VPN Services in 2020?

VPNs have come a long way in the past ten years. Today, a lot of online users are aware of all of the benefits these convenient tools bring to their everyday lives. But, just like everything else on the Internet, the VPN market is continually changing and innovating. As the new decade approaches fast, let’s take a look at how VPN services could shape up starting in 2020.

Expert Predictions

While VPN services have undoubtedly cemented their place as a must-have asset for every privacy-conscious online user, expert predictions are still divided regarding the future of these services. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular opinions:

VPNs are No Guarantee of Privacy and Anonymity Going Into the Future

Some privacy experts voice their concerns that no VPN service can guarantee complete privacy and anonymity. They back this up by citing that many VPN services are susceptible to DNS leaks and IP leaks. Certain analysts go even further by saying that since the NSA and other similar organizations can crack VPNs, there’s no point at using them at all.

While there is some truth that these organizations could go through VPN encryption provided they have enough time and resources, there are very few chances that they will try to break into the VPN. This especially goes if you’re using a stronger encryption method. With this in mind, you can rest assured that your VPN is still one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal for protecting privacy.

Can You Trust a VPN?

When using a service that routes all of your internet traffic, personal and financial information through its servers, you must be able to trust it to keep you safe. Of course, not every VPN out there is worth your trust. But, you can indeed find a reliable choice if you take a bit of time to do research. Some of the essential VPN features you should look out for include unblocking features, supported encryption protocols, reliable and stable servers, and user-friendly logging policy.

Can VPNs Adapt and Future-Proof

At ZoogVPN, we always aim to maintain an objective stance on every topic. That’s why we look at every issue from all possible angles. And, to look at this week’s theme from a different perspective, we want to address the question that’s been very popular in the past few months- can VPNs adapt to survive in the future? The answer to this is a firm and straightforward – yes. While some privacy enthusiasts have been lauding Multi-factor authentication as the new way of securing personal information, VPNs are still the best solution when it comes to this.

Moreover, even if we disregard all of the other benefits a VPN brings to the table, VPN services as an industry has shown great ability to adapt as the years go by. Currently, the most powerful VPN services, like ZoogVPN, are continually pushing the boundaries by introducing new features regularly. Because of this, many individual online users and organizations have realized the importance of using a VPN in today’s online landscape.

VPNs are Here to Stay

VPNs are here to Stay

As we’ve seen above, some experts predict that the future of VPNs is very insecure. At the same time, others are praising VPN providers for having the ability to adapt to technological advances that are happening with each passing day. One thing is for sure, and that is that VPNs are here to stay. Virtual Private Networks have built their reputation as reliable tools that help secure and protect online users from data leaks, cybersecurity breaches, and various other threats that exist online. Don’t leave anything to chance in 2020. Secure your personal and sensitive information for only a few dollars per month, only with ZoogVPN.

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