How to Use Wi-Fi Safely

how to use wi-fi safely

How to Use Wi-Fi Safely

According to the latest studies, the number of households that use Wi-Fi connections in their homes has tripled in the past three years. This is not a surprise for those who know the benefits of using such connections. They allow people to use the internet from their laptop, desktop or mobile device anywhere in their home. However, only a small number of people is aware of the risks that this technology brings. Of course, we are talking about security and privacy risks. Read on to learn more about how to use Wi-Fi safely.

The home Wi-Fi system that you use can easily be a target of hacker attack by someone located close to your home because as you are probably aware these systems usually allow users that are close to your home to connect through your network too. The good news is that there is more than one way to protect a Wi-Fi network from unwanted intrusions and we will reveal some of the most efficient ones. It’s a good idea to stay on top of all news designed to help you protect yourself online.

Make sure that you use the security option on your router

This is definitely the easiest and most convenient way to protect your Wi-Fi network. Unless your router is more than a decade old, you probably have a built-in security option. This option is known as WPA2. This system encrypts the data you receive and send through the router. However, in order to use the benefits of this system you need to make sure that it is setup properly and turned on. WPA2 requires the use of a password. You must be very careful with this matter because setting obvious passwords will compromise your network’s security. The password must be more than seven characters long. Try to add both numbers and letters and don’t use passwords like your birthday, your pet name etc.

Take advantage of VPN technology

This is certainly one of the most efficient ways to stay secure on the Internet. Even if someone manages to connect on your home Wi-Fi system, you will be protected because VPN technology allows users to connect on the internet by using a virtual tunnel which changes masks their IP address and Internet activity. In addition, VPN technology allows you to enter geo-limited websites and platforms. By using a reliable VPN service you can stay anonymous on the Internet, something that is very difficult these days. Before you use a VPN service make sure to check whether you are using a reliable option. Those looking for reliable, trustworthy and proven VPN service should use zoogvpn. We already have hundreds of loyal clients and we are always ready to help other clients worried about their Internet safety. You can learn more about ISP protection to ensure you’re always protected.

Avoid connecting on public Wi-Fi spots

If you have an option to use mobile data connection always use this option instead of connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. These Wi-Fi spots can easily be hacked which means that someone can place a virus or malware that can be activated in the moment you connect on the internet by using your home Wi-Fi system.

Rely on websites that encrypt your data

People who use the internet on a regular basis have probably noticed that there is a growing number of websites that use the HTTPS abbreviation in front of their Internet address. These letters mean that these websites encrypt the data that is sent from their pages.

Turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not around

If you are not at your home or you are planning a trip, it is a good idea to turn off the Wi-Fi adapter. In this way, you will prevent potential intruders to work on hacking your home Wi-Fi system. Just locate the button on the adapter and turn it off.

Use a firewall

Although many people consider these programs to be annoying (they constantly ask for permissions and send notifications), they are very useful. With their help, users can prevent any unauthorized activity on your computer. So, even if someone manages to connect on your Wi-Fi network your computer or laptop will be perfectly safe. This is one of the best tips for how to use Wi-Fi safely.

Use file encryption

If your computer contains sensitive data, it is better to encrypt these files in order to get additional protection. This means that if there is unauthorized activity on your computer the files cannot be deleted, modified, opened or copied without your permission.

Taken together, these tips are key for how to use Wi-FI safely whether you are at home or on the road!


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