Keeping The Kids Busy – Top 5 Kids Programming

Keeping kids busy

Top 5 kids programming to keep kids busy

If you are like most people, you don’t let your child watch too much TV, but you know that a few shows here and there can be a good thing. In fact, some shows can help children to really learn and grow. Others make them relax and unwind after a stressful day. So what are the Top 5 Kids Programming and where to find them? Also can these be found online and accessed from anywhere? That’s where ZoogVPN comes in. With it you can access  online streaming services with just about any of the shows you want from regular TV and all of your favorite services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and much more. So, now that you’ve got ZoogVPN access, what should you allow your children to watch? Here is our Top 5 Kids Programming list of programmes available on streaming services for your kids to watch.

Sesame Street

You remember this show from when you were a child. It still plays on PBS and continues to provide some of the best educational and fun TV for young children. You can even find some of those episodes you used to watch when you were a child! And, some of those characters you fell in love with in the 80s are still there. Easy, all around family friendly, and reliable, this is a great option at any time. This is a good show for children under the age of five who are learning to read or those who are just learning letters.

SpongeBob Squarepants

This may not be as wholesome and educational as other children’s programming, but it is still funny and many kids love it. The lighthearted show is also one that parents can watch and not feel as though they are bored out of their minds. And, with more than 13 years of TV experience, it is the perfect choice for those who want ample viewing options. This show is perhaps most appropriate for children who are age 8 and up, though it can work well for kids that are older. It is a harmless show, though there are components that are not always going to be understood by the youngest of children.


For those who have kids that are slightly older and who enjoy anime, one of the most popular series out there is Pokemon. It is also a long running series and offers a variety of interesting episodes, but it is not as educational as others. The storyline follows a character named Ash Ketchum who interacts with a variety of unique characters. If they like Pokemon, they may also like a few of the other popular anime shows out there including Yu-Gi-Oh!, InuYasha, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Some of these episodes can be intense, though! There is a long arching storyline but each episode can be watched on its own, too.


This is one of the best options for people who have children under the age of four who enjoy adventure (or who you want to encourage to enjoy pretend play and adventure.) The story takes place in a unique neighborhood of cute animal characters. They often go on an adventure to unique places, various cultures, and other educationally valuable locations to explore and learn. The characters are incredibly diverse for a kid’s television show, which makes it a stand out option.

Super Why!

For those who have children as young as three or four who are learning to reach, SuperWhy! Is perfect. This show offers a variety of letter learning and word sounding fun but does it in an adventuresome way. It is interesting, colorful, completely appropriate and it works well for children who are learning in unique ways. Take the time to check out this one with your child and you’ll be singing along.

Any of these show can be watched with unblocked online streaming services through zoogvpn! That means you can take a few minutes right now to check out the listings and to get watching. You can even go back and watch some of the older versions of the shows which means you can even watch the entire series from start to finish. Spend some time with the kids or even get some things done around the home while your kids check out these top-rated options.



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