Must Watch Movies and TV Shows on Hulu Outside US in January

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Watch Hulu Outside US Month

Even though the number of people subscribed to streaming services like Amazon prime and Netflix is higher, the fact is that Hulu has good content that can satisfy the needs of all cinematography lovers. They are always presenting unique and carefully chosen movies and TV shows from different genres. After the Holiday season is finished we will have more time to watch movies and if we take a close look at Hulu’s offer we can tell that most of you will spend at least few hours watching their program. Here is a guide of what to watch on Hulu outside US this month.

A Short List of Must Watch Movies and TV Shows on Hulu Outside US in January

Just like every month, Hulu makes dozens of movies and TV shows available to its subscribers and since we don’t have enough space to review all of them, we will highlight only the most interesting ones. As always, we will give priority to movies.

The New Year’s Day can start with an animated movie for all generations and all types of people – The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge Out of Water. We can rarely see SpongeBob out of water and whenever he is out there is a very good reason. This time, a vicious pirate has stolen the unique Krabby Patty formula and SpongeBob together with his worst enemy Plankton must work together to retrieve the formula. The movie lasts for 92 minutes and since it’s packed with action scenes you will feel like you’ve watched a regular episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

In case you are in the mood for more serious movies, you can choose There Be Dragons. This movie that will also be available starting from January 1, is telling a story about a journalist who has discovered some terrible things about his father’s friends who fought together with him in the Spanish Civil War. The movie is filled with action scenes and some unpredictable twists.

If you want an even more serious movie that is actually some sort of documentary, you can wait for Into The Abyss on January 4. This movie represents a package of conversations with the notorious killer Michael Perry while he is waiting for his death sentence to be executed. People who lost their loved ones because of this murderer are talking directly to him.

People that love French movies will definitely like In the House a movie that will be aired on January 8. This comedy movie filled with mystery talks about a French teacher in a small high school in a city in France. The teacher develops a friendly relationship with a talented student which will lead to many strange situations.

The Voices will be aired on January 9. This comedy/horror movie is definitely not for everyone because there are some very frightening (yet funny) scenes. A seemingly nice person becomes a murderer driven by the voices produced by his pets. Ryan Reynolds is great in this movie even though we usually can’t see him in roles like this.

If you want raw comedy and you don’t want to make experiments, you can watch the Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Let’s be clear, if you liked the first movie you will like this one too. However, most critics will agree that the first one was better. In any case, it is definitely worth watching because there were few very funny scenes.

Of course, the second part of January is reserved for the premieres of the new seasons of many popular TV shows. For instance, on January 16 you will witness the beginning of the 15th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

Another interesting TV show that will be aired on January 22 is The 100. Sci-Fi fans probably can’t wait to find out what will happen next to the people stuck on planet Earth in the future especially after the dramatic ending of season 2. In addition, you will be able to refresh your memory by watching the Fear the Walking Dead on January 26. Some other TV shows in January on Hulu include the 10th season of The X-Files, Lucifer (new TV show) and Shades of Blue (another new TV show).

How to watch Hulu outside the US

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