October – The National Cyber Security Awareness Month

october cyber security awareness month

Things You Need to Know about Cyber Security

About two decades ago, the internet was a relatively new and promising technology that was used by a small number of people. Today, this technology is available all over the world and it is used by millions of people of all ages who simply cannot imagine their lives without using their computer, mobile device and the Internet. The internet has opened up many new opportunities for people, but with this expansion we can also witness certain risks.

Cyber security is a trending topic that affects all economies in the world as well as the personal safety of people at least when it comes to personal data. Of course, the introduction of certain tools like Virtual Private Network or VPN has significantly improved security in the cyber space, but as we can all see cyber threats and dangers are still present. Every month we read about new computer viruses and intrusion in the computer system of both individual and business users. These attacks can result in major security and economic damages and this is why special law enforcement forces are monitoring this danger. Although it is difficult, cyber security is not something impossible to achieve. Probably the first thing you should remember whenever you use the World Wide Web is to be careful when visiting new websites. Starting from 2011, October is designated as national cyber security awareness month in the United States, but many countries in the world also use this month to increase the awareness of cyber security among ordinary Internet users by organizing debates, providing instructional materials etc.

This is a project that is trying to point out that a good prevention is sufficient for dealing with such problems. The internet is actually a place where computers from all over the globe are connected and that’s why every participant should be careful because their action can jeopardize other computers too. There are hackers and other individuals with dishonest intents who want to access computers without permission and in case you are reckless and you don’t have adequate protection, your computer might get infected with malware and spyware. The worst part is that there are thousands of computers with such problems and their owners are not aware that their computers are abused. Obviously, you can use some of the popular security software solutions found on the market, but they cannot help you with your efforts to remain anonymous on the Internet. The IP address is probably the most important parameter used by hackers. Once they find out your IP address they can start looking for a way to access your computer. They will analyze all the potential weak spots in your system in order to penetrate in it and acquire sensitive information.

Experts that are especially active during this month of awareness, advice people to start making their personal information available. On the other hand, no matter how careful you are and how well you cover your personal information from social media networks and other sites, this is not enough to protect your online privacy. In addition to the websites, the ISP (internet service providers) is able to collect and store data about your activity on the Internet. Use this October to learn more about the importance of cyber security and learn what you can do to improve your online experience.

VPN service providers are here to help you avoid direct browsing and using third party services through your ISP. A good VPN (virtual private network) will protect your online activity and safety. Instead of using unprotected ISP connection, you will use a secure and fast VPN network server connection in order to send and receive data. These VPN servers will mask your original IP address and let you use the Internet in a cloaked mode, with an IP address from any country in the world. This is not all.

A good VPN service provider like ZoogVPN will also help you access geo-restricted websites without losing the speed of your internet connection. As you can see, there are many benefits of using VPN services and it is no surprise why VPN is usually one of the main topics during discussions related to cyber security that take place in October.

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