Service Update – Updated ZoogVPN OpenVPN Security


ZoogVPN OpenVPN 256-bit & SHA256

In light with recent increase in hacking frequency and the seriousness of such attacks as reported in the recent news, we at ZoogVPN have been continuously improving the security of our VPN network. As a result we have updated our OpenVPN and IPsec IKEv2  encryption to the maximum of AES-256 bit with SHA256 authentication. This is the highest level of encryption offered by OpenVPN and IPsec IKEv2 VPN technologies and to date has not been broken by either hackers or government agencies.


All our proprietary apps have been automatically updated and require no action from the users. However, those devices which use native OpenVPN apps will require updated configuration files which can be downloaded from here.


As always, your security, freedom and privacy are of outmost importance to us and we’ll continue to work on ensuring it.

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