Best Christmas Movies and Shows for Kids on Netflix Outside US

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Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix Outside US this Christmas

Christmas is almost here and we bet that you are excited. The good food and the festive atmosphere are just around the corner and the only thing that is missing is a plan about the movies and TV shows that you will watch this Christmas. Our suggestion is to try some of the online streaming services because they are full of new and old movies that will certainly make you feel even jollier! Netflix is definitely one of the best on-demand streaming services on the Internet and they have spent a lot of time to come up with programming that will satisfy the requirements of every kid and adult. That’s why we have created a list of fun movies and TV shows for kids on Netflix that you can enjoy watching this Christmas. Keep reading to learn how to watch Netflix outside US.

The best Christmas movies and shows for kids on Netflix revealed

We will start with the movies first because we know that kids have more time, so they can freely choose whether they want to watch long movies or short TV shows. The list will begin with a movie based on a classic story created by Charles Dickens known as A Christmas Carol. There are several versions of this story, but the one that will be available on Netflix outside US this Christmas is from 2009 and there are few big names in the field of acting in it like Jim Carrey, Colin Forth, and Gary Oldman. It is good to mention that even though this is a good adaptation of the book and it is primarily created for children, the fact is that adults enjoy this movie too because there are many fun and sometimes scary moments in it. This is an evergreen movie that will be watched for a long time.

While we are talking about classics, it is time to mention Home Alone. This movie became an instant hit when it was released in the 1990s and had several sequels. However, many critics agree that the first part was the best one. This is an ideal Christmas movie for kids because it is very easy for them to identify with the main character Kevin McCallister who is stuck at his home alone for Christmas. The situation will get even worse when two clumsy robbers decide to rob the McCallister’s home. This is when young Kevin played by Macaulay Culkin, unleashes his imagination and creativity and starts setting traps all over his home driving the robbers crazy. Home Alone 2 will also be available on Netflix so you can start a Home Alone marathon if you want.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his roles in action movies, but he was also part of few good comedies and Jingle All the Way is one of them and it will be streamed on Netflix outside of US this Christmas. Arnold is a lousy father who is trying to compensate his absence at his home by buying a special toy for his son. However, things are not so easy and Arnold is soon faced with many problems. You can probably guess the ending, but the things that happen between that are definitely worth your time.

The Santa Clause is a comedy movie for the entire family. This was the first time for Tim Allen to play in a movie and it seems that he has done his part very well. We will leave you to be judge of that.

Even though there won’t be any specially designed TV shows for kids on Netflix, you can check their library and find several Christmas episodes of popular TV shows. For instance, you can enjoy watching two episodes of Raising Hope when the family is trying to set the nativity scene and how Burt solved his lack of holiday spirit. There are few episodes from That’s 70s Show and one of them is about finding the right Christmas gift.

How to watch the best Christmas movies and shows for kids on Netflix Outside US

Although Netflix is available in several countries, Netflix US has different programming and only those located in USA can watch all the aforementioned movies and shows. However, if you use a good VPN service provider like ZoogVPN you will gain access to this content too.

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