TV Shows and Movies on HBO Now You Don’t Want to Miss This November

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HBO Shows and Movies that You Must See this Month

There are more than one million HBO Now subscribers and this streaming service is one of the fastest growing services in the world. This is not a surprise for passionate movie and TV show fans because they know that all the movies and shows available on HBO Now are carefully selected. What makes HBO Now special is that they take care of the needs and requirements of all their subscribers. They are not focused on only one genre or only one category of people. This means that if you are a fan of comedy, you will have a chance to watch more than one good comedy movie each month. As you probably know, HBO changes the content that is available to their users each month and this change includes a combination of new and old TV series and movies. Before we share the details about the TV show and movies on HBO Now you don’t want to miss this November, we should say that this service is available only to people who are currently located in the United States. However, all other Internet users can access HBO Now with the help of a VPN service provider like zoogvpn.

TV Shows and Movies on HBO Now You Don’t Want to Miss This November – A basic guide

There are so many new shows and movies this November on HBO Now that it is very difficult to point out only the most interesting ones. However, we will start with the TV shows. This 21st November, the audience will get the chance to watch the Fall Finale of the Real Time with Bill Maher. According to some surveys, Bill Maher is among the best 5 comedians in the USA today. The next episode from his show will be available in the beginning of the New Year. He will have some really interesting guests and of course – jokes that will be remembered for a long period of time.

If you are a comedy fan, HBO Now is the right place to be this November because they will also air the Fall Finale of the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver show. This is definitely the top British comedian in USA and after this episode he will take a break during the holiday season and return in January. The Fall Finale will be available on 23rd November. Enjoy these 30 minutes of high-quality comedy!

While we are talking about comedies and Brits, it is good to mention the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery movie which will also be available this November. Although this movie is created more than 15 years ago it is still interesting because the jokes and sketches used there never get old. Once again, the story in this movie is focused on the fight between the good and evil. Actor Mike Myers is in the role of Austin Powers an interesting special agent that is trying to save our planet from the wicked plan of Dr. Evil (once again played by Mike Myers). This is the first movie in this trilogy. Refresh your memory and watch one of the most popular comedy movies from the late 90s.

Without any doubts, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was one of the most epic trilogies of all times. People who love adventures and fantasy movies agree that these movies are unique and special. That’s why the authors have decided to create another trilogy that is actually a spin-off from the original series called The Hobbit. This November, HBO Now subscribers can watch the second part of the Hobbit trilogy called the Desolation of Smaug. Just like in the first part, we can see some great journeys in different fantasy lands and many battles. The movie will be available until 24th November.

Another interesting drama, biography movie available this November is Dreamgirls. This is an Oscar-winning movie worth your attention.

How to watch HBO Now outside the United States?

In order to watch HBO Now outside the United States, you must find a reputable VPN service provider. ZoogVPN is here to help you bypass all geo-restrictions and help you watch HBO Now whenever you want no matter where you are.

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