Unblock Youtube from abroad

How to unblock Youtube from abroad?

Have you tried to watch Youtube video from abroad only to come across a "The uploader has not made this video available in your country" message? Do you want to know how to unblock Youtube from abroad?

Youtube is able to determine your location by checking the IP address of your PC or laptop or mobile device and if you're IP is outside the US while the video is only available in US you will unfortunately receive the dreaded message.

So is there a way to bypass the dreaded message?

You're in luck! The solution is ever so simple and genius at the same time!

Zoog VPN - Unblock Youtube from abroad!

Introducing Zoog VPN for online TV freedom. The idea is to make your device appear to have US identity by assigning it a US IP. This is exactly what Zoog VPN does, it connects your device through a secure tunnel to a US based server acting as an extension of your device with US IP.

Once connected Youtube will see your device as being based in US and will grant you access to US video library. Best of all it only takes couple of minutes to unblock Youtube from abroad! So don't delay and sign up now! Once you have online TV freedom it is hard to go back.

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Unblock Youtube from abroad

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