Why You Should Use a VPN for iPhone

VPN for iPhone

Why You Need a VPN for iPhone

Apple devices have a very strong reputation for being one of the safest in the industry. While it’s true that Apple devices are very secure, they still have some potential weak points, just like any other device on the market. So, how significant are these weak points, and do you need a VPN for your iPhone? Continue reading and find out.

Are iPhone Devices Safer than Android Ones?

All iPhones come with end-to-end encryption that protects your data from falling into the wrong hands. It’s designed to safeguard all of your passwords, as well as all other information sent between iOS users, and data sent to Apple’s internal servers.

That said, since Apple still allows third-party developers to feature apps in the App store, this provides for a security loophole that hackers can take advantage of. According to recent reports, over two-thirds of developers don’t include encryption in their apps.

Moreover, Apple’s encryption protocols don’t extend to browsing activities. This means that your online browsing activities and personal information could still be collected. By using a VPN, you’ll be able to plug any security holes left open by various apps and protect your valuable personal and financial data.

Why You need a VPN for iPhone

Ok, so we know that a VPN can be very useful in protecting valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. But in what specific situations could you find yourself in that you need to use a VPN on your iPhone? Here are some of the top reasons why you need a VPN for iPhone:

  • You often Use Public Wi-Fi – Finding free internet was never as easy and convenient as today. You can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot in almost every coffee shop, shopping mall, or airport. With that in mind, since these hotspots are so easy to access, it also means that anyone can connect and observe activities from all users on the network. But, if you use public Wi-Fi while routing your connection through a VPN, all of your data will be secure and private.
  • You Travel Often – Although the Coronavirus pandemic has halted the travel industry quite a bit, you can still go abroad almost anywhere you want to. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, a VPN can be a handy way to go around any website restrictions and geo-blocking attempts.
  • You Highly-Value Your Privacy – People often say that they don’t mind if someone is monitoring what they’re doing because they have nothing to hide. But, if you value your privacy, you know how important is it to keep valuable information far from prying eyes. Keep in mind, it’s not only your government watching but in a lot of cases, cybercriminals as well.

iPhone users indeed have less to worry about in terms of malware, but make sure not to get too complacent. Your device is still vulnerable to phishing scams and you should try to protect it as best you can. This brings us to the next point in this article.

Pick a VPN for iPhone That You Can Trust

So, a VPN for iPhone can prove to be very valuable, but how do you pick a VPN service that best suits your needs? Here’s an objective bullet list you should have in mind when deciding for a VPN service:

  • Quality and quantity of servers – A VPN with a well-spread server network can provide you with reliable download and upload speeds.
  • No-logs Policy – Trust is key when it comes to VPNs. You should be able to rely on your VPN to guard your privacy when using it.
  • Device Support and Friendly Interface – The VPN should be easy to use and navigate, even for beginners.

At ZoogVPN, we provide you with the tools to take back control of your internet. With free apps for every device, including both Mac and iOS, you can enjoy unrestricted and uncensored internet without compromising your privacy, security, or network speed.

We’ve been in business since 2013 and have always been committed to providing a transparent service with a strict no-logs policy. If you’re looking for a top-quality VPN for iPhone, try our service for free or subscribe to one of the ZoogVPN premium plans starting at only a couple of bucks per month.

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