3 Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Travel

VPN for travel

Why Travelers Are Increasingly Using VPNs

The summer is quickly approaching, and with it, the prospect of traveling abroad and experiencing the different cultures the world has to offer. With that in mind, many things can go wrong that can ruin your well-planned trip. From losing one of your devices to someone stealing your credit card information, there are numerous security risks you could face when traveling. Even if you manage to avoid these potential issues, there are several other reasons why you might need a VPN for travel. We’ll go over all of them in this Zlog post. 

Does Everyone Need a VPN for Travel?

In short, yes, everyone should use a VPN for travel. The reason for this is simple. All of us carry around a lot of sensitive information, whether it’s our credit cards, phones, laptops, or any other gadget we use daily. Using a VPN is simple and straightforward but can bring you many security and privacy benefits and even certain conveniences. Some of the most significant benefits of using a VPN are:

  • Better Privacy and Security – When you’re traveling, especially to a foreign country, you’ll likely be connecting to public Wi-Fi connections in cafes, airports, restaurants, and many other places. Without a VPN, all of these locations can be potentially dangerous, as hackers could monitor them and inject all users with malware. Even when using a Wi-Fi network in your hotel room, it’s best to have an added layer of protection.
  • Unrestricted Access – With a VPN, you can go around all local network restrictions and censorship in the country you’re visiting. Many countries worldwide censor their Internet, so a VPN can prove very useful in staying above all these issues. Plus, you can use it for other purposes as well. Perhaps you want to keep track of a show you’ve been watching at home before you went on your holiday. All you need to do is connect to a server based in your home country, and you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Save Money – When traveling, it’s crucial to make the best out of every penny in your budget. When you use a VPN for travel, you can easily hop between servers and connect to different countries. This will allow you to get the best deals on hotel reservations, airplane tickets, and many other products and services, which can vary in cost from country to country.

Can You Use a Free VPN when Traveling Abroad?

As we’ve discussed above, the main reasons why you should use a VPN when traveling stem from the security and privacy perspective. Unfortunately, these are aspects free VPN services fail to deliver on, mainly due to logistical reasons. Free VPNs often use fewer servers, meaning their networks tend to be overloaded and agonizingly slow compared to premium services.

Moreover, many free VPN services are downright scams and aim to exploit their users and harvest valuable data to sell to the highest bidder. There have been examples of free VPNs injecting malware and mining data, even using user information to build botnet armies. These are just the most significant reasons why you shouldn’t use a free VPN for travel.

With all of this in mind, if you need a reliable VPN for travel but aren’t prepared to pay for a premium subscription price, you can take advantage of our free subscription plan. It comes with slightly limited features and a 10GB monthly bandwidth limit. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality VPN service without having to pay a single cent.

Additional Tips to Ensure Privacy and Security When Traveling

Using a VPN for travel is by far the most effective way of securing your information from anyone who’s looking to steal it. That said, there are several other things to keep in mind that will help enhance your security when traveling, especially if you’re going abroad. Here are a few additional tips to consider:

  • Update All Apps – We often highlight the importance of keeping all of your apps up to date. Attackers often aim for software vulnerabilities and out-of-date apps. For this reason, make sure to update all of your apps before setting out.
  • Have Strong Passwords – Be sure that you use uncrackable passwords. If you lose a device with a weak password on it, the attackers can use it as a gateway to other valuable information tied to it. 
  • Use a Local Provider – If you’re traveling only through several countries, consider using a local SIM card of the country you’re visiting. This way, you can use the network data from the local provider and avoid connecting to too many public Wi-Fi networks.

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