Should You Use a VPN on Your Phone?

VPN on your phone

Do you need a VPN on Your Phone?

At ZoogVPN, we like to keep you informed on all things related to VPNs, online privacy, and security. If you’re one of our regular readers, you already know how significant it is to keep your identity and data under a tight lock. With this in mind, protecting your smartphone seems especially important, since these devices usually hold a lot of sensitive personal and financial information that can do a lot of damage if they fall into the wrong hands. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll talk about mobile VPNs, why you should have one on your phone, and what things you should consider before getting one.

Reasons why you Should Have a VPN on your phone

Regardless if you’re using a VPN service on your desktop or mobile device, you’ll be able to enjoy the same benefits. It can help you gain access to geo-restricted areas, torrent, and share files in complete anonymity, no matter where you want to go in the online world. Moreover, certain advantages are particularly useful for smartphone users:

  • It Keeps Your Phone Hidden– Smartphones allow us to access the Internet anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is find an open Wi-Fi network and connect to it. However, if you do, so any malevolent third parties on the same network can monitor your activity and get to your data. When you route your network through a VPN server, it acts as a middleman and masks your real IP address with the VPN’s IP. This keeps your phone hidden and your data safe so that you can connect to any Wi-Fi network with a peace of mind.
  • It Secures all Exchanged Data– Not only does a VPN mask your device’s real location, at the same time it helps to secure all of the data being exchanged by your device and the end server. When connected to a remote VPN server, all of your information is routed through an encrypted tunnel. This means that even if a hacker manages to get his hands on your information, all of the data will be unintelligible, and they couldn’t use it.
  • Unrestricted Access– On top of its safety features, a VPN is a particularly convenient tool if you’re traveling a lot or need to access sites that aren’t available in your region. In line with this, you can access streaming platforms and enjoy the content that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Important Things to Consider

There are many reasons why having a VPN on your phone is a good idea, with the ones we mentioned above offering the most significant benefits. But, to stay objective, we should also consider all other things that can have an impact on your experience when using a VPN on your phone. Here are some crucial things you should keep in mind before you start using a VPN on your phone:

  • Device Compatibility– Not all VPNs offer the same coverage, so make sure that your device is compatible with the provider’s apps. With that said, at ZoogVPN, we’ve created free apps for every device, so that you never have to worry about device compatibility. Our apps cover all devices in your household, from your Android and iPhone devices to Fire TV and Android TV.
  • Performance Variations– When your signal is rerouted to a remote server, sometimes halfway around the world, you’re bound to experience a slower network speed compared to your regular connection. This is often not a problem but can have an impact if you’re streaming in 4K or transferring large amounts of data across the web. That’s why, at ZoogVPN, we offer you a well-distributed network of servers, so you’ll have no problem picking the one nearest to your location.
  • Value for Money–  When it comes to VPN pricing, prices are all over the place, as no two providers offer the same service package, number of servers, or even the same features. Besides, there are also free VPN services, which we strongly advise you to avoid, mainly because of the safety reasons we talked about in our previous posts. Having said this, with ZoogVPN, you can enjoy a tremendous all-around service for a meager subscription fee of only a couple of bucks per month.

Secure Your phone Today!

secure your phone

With rapidly changing privacy laws and increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks, VPN services are needed more than ever before. And an adequately configured app with enough features can safeguard all data that comes from or to your phone when using the Internet. Check out our affordable subscription plans and secure your phone with a reliable and top quality VPN!

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