VPN Setup Wizard - Android

STEP 1. Choose your VPN protocol

STEP 2. L2TP/IPsec Android 5+ Installation

Skip Setup & Download our Android App

We highly recommend our official Android app based on OpenVPN, instead of a manual setup. It takes a few seconds to install and it is more secure as we have some additional features in our apps including DNS leak protection, IP leak protection and more!

All VPN apps

Before we start an active Zoog VPN subscription is required and your device must be connected to Internet.

Step 1 - Select 'Apps'

Tap on 'Apps' from your Android's home screen.


Step 2 - Select 'Settings'

In the 'Apps' screen, tap on 'Settings' icon.


Step 3 - Select 'More...'

Tap 'More...' to see further options.


Step 4 - Select 'VPN'

Tap 'VPN' to setup a VPN connection.


Step 5 - Select 'Basic VPN'

Tap 'Basic VPN'

NB:You may need to select '+' instead.

Basic VPN

Step 6 - Select 'OK'

A warning message will appear on 'Note' screen, click 'OK' to setup screen lock. Select from 'Pattern', 'PIN' or 'Password'. If you already have a screen lock set then you might have to enter it to proceed.


Step 7 - Select 'Add Basic VPN network'

Tap 'Add Basic VPN network' to proceed with settings.

VPN Settings

Step 8 - Enter Details

Enter the following inforamtion:

1. - Enter any name like 'Zoog VPN New York' under 'Name' to help you remember your VPN connection.

2. - For 'Type' choose 'L2TP/IPSec PSK'.

3. - For 'Server address', based on the region closest to you, enter the 'Server address' from the list below.

Please login into your account to select a VPN server.

NB: Choose a VPN server of your desired country (nearest to your location) to connect to. We recommend choosing a server with less load for optimal performance. Visit the Network page for more details.

4. - For 'L2TP Secret' leave it blank.

5. - For 'IPSec identifier' leave it blank.

6. - For 'IPSec pre-shared key' enter ZoogVPN.

7. - For 'DNS search domains' leave it blank.

8. - For 'DNS servers' leave it blank.

Tap Save once you are done, to save your VPN settings. That's it!

Enter Details

Step 9 - Connecting to Zoog L2TP/IPsec VPN

You can now connect to Zoog L2TP/IPsec VPN.

When prompted enter your Zoog VPN email as your 'Username' and your Zoog VPN password as 'Password' to connect.

Check that the flag has now turned to the flag of your desired country on the top of the page when logged in into your account.

NB: To access online services via your Android device you will need to download the apps like Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Hulu Plus, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer and Pandora while connected to Zoog VPN.

Enjoy! You can now access numerous online streaming services, and browse the Internet with privacy and security.

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