What to watch on HBO Outside US this January

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Watch HBO Outside US this Month

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the most frequently mentioned video streaming services on the Internet today. However, HBO as one of the oldest TV networks in the United States is doing their best to keep up with Netflix when it comes to streaming services. HBO Now subscribers get access to a very rich library filled with unique movies and TV shows each month and this January, 2016 is not different. Here are a few things to watch on HBO outside US this month.

Now that the holidays are over, we can spend more time on watching some amazing series and movies on HBO.

What to watch on HBO Outside US this January – must-watch movies and TV shows

According to many movie enthusiasts, the fact that subscribers will get a chance to watch the brand new Mad Max is only one of the reasons why you should stick to HBO. Starting from January 9th, users can watch Mad Max: Fury Road. It is very difficult to create a remake of such a popular movie. Mad Max is considered to be one of the most influential movies from the dystopian Sci-Fi genre. In this remake, a woman (Charlize Theron) decides to start a rebellion against a tyrant in the dystopian version of Australia. She has the help of her female prisoner “colleagues”, a talented drifter known as Max and a crazy worshiper. Mad Max: Fury Road has a unique story and it is definitely spectacular when it comes to visual effects.

In case you are interested in horror and mystery movies, we suggest Unfriended. This relatively new movie is covering a very popular subject – online communication and making friends online. It is all fun and games until one of the persons involved in the communication dies and the account somehow remains active. The movie might not have some experienced actors behind it, but it has a good story and several scary scenes. Unfriended will be available from January 16th.

Horror fans will enjoy another new horror movie on HBO – As Above, So Below. Once again, the story is relatively new and intriguing. For those who don’t know, Paris hides many secret catacombs that were built over the centuries. In this movie, we will see that these catacombs are not that quiet and inactive as we thought. The movie will be available on January 24th.

We know that horror movies are not the favorite genre of all people, but we are sure that they all like a good comedy. This is exactly what you can expect from Entourage. It is obvious that the people who loved the TV show will enjoy the movie. However, the movie is made in a way that will keep the interest even in people who have never watched the show. Of course, it is a good idea to read more about the story before you watch the movie.

Finally, on January 30th, subscribers will be able to watch True Story – a movie that looks similar to a documentary. It tells us about an unlikely friendship between a reporter and convicted killer.

The offer that HBO has for their TV show fans is not bad either. We will start by saying that on January 16th, viewers can watch one of the most popular animation series in America – Sesame Street. Sesame Street can definitely be described as epic. This family/comedy TV show was part of the lives of almost every child in America. The street where puppets and humans live together promises a lot of funny and memorable moments for the viewers. This will be the 46th season of Sesame Street.

The second season of the popular drama TV show called Psi will be aired on January 22nd. The authors didn’t expect such a positive response for this TV show, so they have decided to give the audience a second season. As you probably know, this TV show gives us a glimpse in the life of a famous psychiatrist, his family and his patients.

How to watch TV shows and movies on HBO outside US?

Officially, HBO is available only to US-based users. However, this restriction can easily be bypassed with the help of a reliable VPN service provider like zoogvpn. Use zoogvpn and watch HBO outside US from any place in the world.

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