What to Watch this Valentine’s Day Outside US

valentine's day outside us

A Few Suggestions for What to Watch on Valentine’s Day Outside US

Valentine’s Day, or Saint Valentine’s Day, is a day when people usually reveal their romantic side. They buy presents for their loved ones and they also try to do something romantic. As you are probably aware, this celebration is observed on February 14, so in case you don’t have ideas, we will give you a convenient and inexpensive suggestion – organize a romantic dinner at home and watch some of the movies that will be aired on popular online streaming services. It seems that all these platforms have prepared well for this Valentine’s Day and you will be able to choose between several classic and new romantic movies. Here are a few things to watch this Valentine’s day outside US.

What to Watch this Valentine’s Day Outside US – a short guide

We will start this list of suggestions with a movie that presents more comedy than romance, but yet it’s quite popular among men and women. The 40 Year Old Virgin will be shown on Amazon Prime this Valentine’s Day. Even though Steve Carell has appeared in many other movies, people still associate him with this funny movie. He plays a nerdy guy that has never experienced intimacy with a woman although he is 40 years old. After his friends first mocked him and then encouraged him, Andy decides to find a suitable partner for this “task”.

Did you know that romantic comedies were quite popular in the 1950s too? Well, Netflix will refresh your memory this Valentine’s Day by airing Roman Holiday. This movie is more than 60 years old, but people still enjoy it because of its unique and heart-touching story. The plot revolves around a princess who escapes from her room because she is bored and meets an interesting American news reporter in Rome. Apparently, this was love at first sight. This was one of the best movies for Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

While we are talking about Netflix programming, we should also mention Pride & Prejudice. This fantastic book as adapted into many movies and TV series, but Netflix has decided to show the version from 2005 with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. Most of you are familiar with the story about the wealthy and proud gentleman known as Mr. Darcy who can’t hide the feelings that he has for a woman that is under his social status. They both have prejudices and pride, but can true love beat these things?

Hulu users will have a chance to watch a very interesting drama rom-com from 1995 known as Kicking and Screaming. Even though this is a romantic comedy, the movie also portrays the lives of people who have just graduated and their thoughts about the future and love. Samuel Gould, Josh Hamilton and Catherine Kellner are some of the actors that made this movie even more memorable.

If you are more into music dramedies, you should stay tuned on Hulu because this popular streaming platform will show another interesting movie from this genre – The Last Days of Disco. This 1998 movie follows the story of two book editors from Manhattan that have just finished college. They are interested in their careers, but they also want to enjoy their lives, so they frequently visit a local disco in order to find love and fun. This is one of the movies that made Kate Beckinsale famous.

Even though this doesn’t happen quite often, two streaming services (Netflix and Hulu) will make the same movie available on Valentine’s Day – Two Lovers. This movie from 2008, takes place in Brooklyn where a single guy (played by Joaquin Phoenix) is struggling with his parents and friends disapproval to marry a beautiful but strange neighbor (played by Gwyneth Paltrow).

The list will end with another movie that will be available to Netflix users – About a Boy. This romantic comedy is focused on the friendship between a childish man (Hugh Grant) and a little boy who actually teaches the man how to finally become serious adult. As you can see, romance does not have to be sappy. There is something for everyone to watch this Valentine’s day outside US.

How to watch these movies on Valentine’s Day Outside US?

Since most of these movies will be available only in the US, it is quite natural to ask how you can view them outside the US. The simplest solution is to use our VPN services that will help you access all these service providers regardless of your location.

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