Which is better - Spotify or Pandora?

Spotify v Pandora

We will attempt to answer the question of which is better – Spotify or Pandora? The truth is that it depends on what you are looking for and each of them has its own pros and cons.

The fast advance of the Internet has affected the way we experience some of our favorite media like videos and music. The popularity of online music streaming is growing and it is no wonder why there are dozens of services like this (and many more introduced every month). However, it looks like there are two streaming platforms that are much more popular than the others – Pandora and Spotify. People have acknowledged the advantages of streaming and they usually rely on these services whenever they want to listen to music fast. Since most people want to use only one platform for this purpose, most of them are wondering which is better – Spotify or Pandora? The truth is that each of them comes with certain advantages and disadvantages and by learning more about their features you will find the one that suits you the best.

To answer the question of “which is better – Spotify or Pandora?” let us take a closer look at each of the music services.


Spotify is relatively newer compared to Pandora although it is more than 9 years old now. Users have the opportunity to listen to more than 20 million songs from known and less known performers. Spotify has a good interface and you can easily find what you are looking for by searching by song, artist, genre, or even by playlist. Also, there is a great feature that allows users to make their own radio stations from the results they get. Spotify has more than 75 million users. Besides being loved by listeners, many artists prefer Spotify because they can establish profitable partnerships with this Sweden-based service.

Besides the United States and Canada, Spotify is available in many other European, Asian, South American, and Central American countries and they are planning to expand their presence in a few other countries in the next period.

What makes Spotify special is the chance to listen to music at any time of the day without any limitations. Of course, there is the aforementioned radio feature and streaming of the most popular hits today and from the past ten years. They have high=quality songs and a great interface.

The only downside is that certain modern musicians like Taylor Swift for example have specifically forbidden Spotify to use their music because they are not satisfied with the compensation they get. The price for using this service is about $10 a month. Users can also use Spotify for free, but they can listen to songs for hours in one month in a period of six months.


The main difference between Pandora and Spotify is the number of songs. Pandora has one million songs which are twenty times less than the ones found on Spotify. On the other hand, some artists that are available on Pandora cannot be found on Spotify. Many people argue that Pandora is a better choice because it allows music enthusiasts to find completely new genres and enjoy new types of music.

Unlike, Spotify, Pandora is available in only three countries – the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pandora encourages its users to be active and to rate artists and songs. It also provides suggestions based on users’ preferences and that’s how they can easily find new interesting bands and artists and enjoy new genres. After a short period of time, users can create a station that will play only songs that they like. Pandora regularly adds new artists and songs to the stations, but users can remove them from the list.

Some people think that the only disadvantage of Pandora is the fact that you have to stick to playlists with 20 songs that are actually prepared for you. Users can’t make their own playlists with exact songs.

Just like Spotify, Pandora can be used for free, but this free use comes with some limitations. The free version has many ads and you can’t skip too many songs at once. The monthly subscription is two times lower compared to Spotify.

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