5 More VPN Myths Debunked

VPN myth

Debunking Common VPN Misconceptions

Last year, we shared with you some of the most common VPN myths and misconceptions among online users. Because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that has been affecting our lives since the start of this year, the use of VPNs has skyrocketed, making these useful tools a necessity for many people. But, with the further popularization of VPNs in 2020, there have also been many new VPN myth misbeliefs that arose in the privacy and security sphere. That’s why, in this Zlog post, we’ve decided to debunk 5 more VPN myths that are circulating the Internet. Read more...

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Is the Covid-19 Pandemic Being Exploited to Limit Free Speech?

Internet free speech

Are We Losing Our Right for Internet Free Speech During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic outburst at the start of 2020, freedom of speech has been curtailed for years. With the ongoing global Covid-19 crisis, there’s a parallel infodemic going on, and we are constantly bombarded with fake or misleading information.

Moreover, under the pretense of fighting this virus, many governments and organizations around the world are using the situation to silence critics or cut of information they deem to be harmful. With our freedom of movement limited, are our privacy, security, and freedom of information at risk as well? Read more...

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Is your Connection Slow?- How to Test and Improve Your VPN Speed

Improve your VPN speed

How to Test and Improve Your VPN Speed

A VPN allows you to access streaming sites, watch sports, movies, shows, or torrent content. For all of these activities, network speed and stability are crucial. With that in mind, using a VPN that significantly slows down your connection speed would be contra-productive. So, what can you do to avoid lags and connection drops caused by poor VPN internet speed? In this Zlog post, we’ll go deeper into this ever-present subject and take a look at how you can test and improve your VPN speed.

How to Test Your Connection

If you suspect that your VPN speed is not as good as it should be, there are several ways to test this. The easiest and most popular method you can go with is to use Speedtest. Their site is simple to use and the results are easy to read. The entire test on this platform lasts around a minute and you’ll know everything you need to right away. When you run your connection through Speedtest, the three most important pieces of information you should read into are: Read more...

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Why You Should Use a VPN for iPhone

VPN for iPhone

Why You Need a VPN for iPhone

Apple devices have a very strong reputation for being one of the safest in the industry. While it’s true that Apple devices are very secure, they still have some potential weak points, just like any other device on the market. So, how significant are these weak points, and do you need a VPN for your iPhone? Continue reading and find out.

Are iPhone Devices Safer than Android Ones?

All iPhones come with end-to-end encryption that protects your data from falling into the wrong hands. It’s designed to safeguard all of your passwords, as well as all other information sent between iOS users, and data sent to Apple’s internal servers. Read more...

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Are VPNs Obsolete in 2020?

Are VPNs Obsolete

Are VPNs Obsolete Or Is There Any Value to Them in 2020?

As the natural reaction to the increasingly intrusive behavior of the world’s leading governmental systems, many online users are trying to protect their valuable personal and financial information from prying eyes and malicious people roaming the Internet. To do so, most of them opt for VPN services as one of the last bastions of free and anonymous Internet. At the same time, many users are arguing that VPNs have become obsolete over the years, and don’t provide you with much value for money or actual protection. With all of this in mind, are VPNs worth the subscription price and do you really need them? Read our take on this topic. Read more...

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