Is ZoogVPN Safe? Just how Secure is ZoogVPN?

Is ZoogVPN safe?

Is ZoogVPN Safe? – Everything You Need To Know About Our VPN Service

Many of our customers often reach out to us before signing up to ask just how secure is ZoogVPN and if it can keep them safe and private when using the internet. This is a completely valid and important question that should be talked about on a regular basis. As a VPN dedicated to providing a secure and trustworthy service, we want our users to be aware of every security aspect ZoogVPN brings to the table. That’s why, in this week’s Zlog post, we’ll go over all of the security features in order to answer the question – is ZoogVPN safe? Read more...

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What is Military Grade VPN Encryption?

military grade VPN encryption

What is Military Grade VPN Encryption and Do You Need It?

Many of us have seen top VPN services advertise that their product comes with ‘military-grade encryption’, but what does this mean and do you even need to care about it if you’re a casual VPN user? As a VPN service that uses the highest standard security protocol itself, at ZoogVPN we feel that our users need to know everything about military grade VPN encryption and what it really brings to the table.

How Does Encryption Work?

Encryption has played a big role for thousands of years. With the advancement of modern technology, it always stayed at the forefront of innovation, constantly evolving. While it changed in form and evolved over the course of history, encryption has always worked in the same way. In order to work, encryption needs a safe key that decrypts and encrypts. Without a key that would decipher the encrypted text or algorithm, the encryption would stay Read more...

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Why VPN Warrant Canaries Matter

vpn warrant canary

What are VPN Warrant Canaries and Why They Matter

In the era of heavy censorship, many internet service providers and governments are using the internet to collect information about online users. While some may argue that companies and government organizations to this for security reasons, monitoring online user activity is a direct breach of rights. That is where VPNs step in, to maintain user privacy and anonymity when browsing the internet. But, how can you really know if a VPN is safe and private or if it’s been compromised? Read this week’s Zlog and learn everything about VPN warrant canaries, small but very important legal declarations that help the users tell if a particular VPN service is safe to use. Read more...

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How to Watch the UEFA Champions League Final From Anywhere

Watch the UEFA Champions League Final

Watch the UEFA Champions League Final with ZoogVPN This Weekend

This Saturday, tens of thousands of football fans will be flocking to Madrid for the all-England Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham. The match will also be broadcasted to hundreds of millions of football fans watching at home. But, for viewers outside of the UK and especially outside Europe who are looking to live stream the Champions League final, geo-restrictions can be a big obstacle in their way. Read this week’s Zlog to find out how to watch the UEFA Champions League Final from anywhere for free. Read more...

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Why Do you need a VPN for Gaming?

VPN for gaming

Do You Need a VPN for Online Gaming?

Using a VPN for gaming wasn’t always as popular as it is now. This was simply because VPN services weren’t applicable for online games, as the latter would then suffer from lags, server and bandwidth restrictions. However, with modern VPN service and tech innovations, VPNs have become a very useful tool for every online gamer. In this week’s Zlog, we will talk about the security and identity protection aspects of online gaming in order to bring closer to you all of the reasons why you need a VPN for gaming. Read more...

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