Can a VPN Protect from Ransomware? – What You Need to Know

Can a VPN Protect from Ransomware?

Can a VPN Protect from Ransomware?

Trojan horses and similar computer viruses might be a relic of the old Internet, but today’s users are far from free of any online threats. One of the most underhanded and malicious types of such attacks is ransomware. It’s relatively new in the overall landscape of things. As such, many online users are still unfamiliar with how it does and the extent of damage it can do. So, what is ransomware, and can a VPN help protect you against it? Read this Zlog post and find out everything you need to know. Read more...

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Why and How To Buy a VPN Anonymously

How To Buy a VPN Anonymously

How To Buy a VPN Anonymously

Most of us use VPN services to obtain more privacy and anonymity when using the Internet. However, when we purchase a VPN subscription with a credit card, debit card, or even PayPal, we leave a giant footprint visible not only to the VPN itself but also to our Internet Service Provider and payment processor. 

Many casual VPN users don’t pay much attention to this. But, if you want to ensure maximum online privacy, there are ways on how to buy a VPN anonymously that will make it nearly impossible for anyone to track your payments and true identity. In this Zlog post, we’ll discuss why and how to buy a VPN anonymously. Read more...

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VPN vs RDP – Which One’s Better?


VPN vs RDP – Which One’s Better For You?

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has either pushed companies out of business or forced them to shift entirely online. Although some businesses had the necessary solutions to transition into a new operation model, most haven’t been so lucky. Many organizations were left stumped by the pandemic, trying to improvise a working online security system within a short period.

Two security tools have emerged as extremely useful during all of this – Virtual Private Networks and Remote Desktop Protocol. And, while many online users consider these two to be the same, there are several distinct differences between them. 

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Smart Home Devices Are Putting Your Privacy at Risk

smart home devices

Smart Home Devices Can Significantly Hurt Yor Privacy

Smart devices are undoubtedly handy and can make our everyday life a lot simpler and more convenient. But, they also come with certain drawbacks, some of which can be very serious. Recent research has shown that millions of smart devices are vulnerable to hacking exploits. Here are some of the most common smart home devices that could be putting your privacy at risk.

How do Smart Device Breaches Happen?

Finding a weak-point in your network is often where most hackers begin when trying to take over your home network. There are close to a dozen entry points in an average smart home through which hackers can gain access to your valuable information. The more smart devices there are in your home, the more options the attacker will have to find the weakest link. Here are just a couple of the most vulnerable smart devices you might have connected to your smart network: Read more...

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Best Tips for Improving Privacy and Security in 2021

best privacy tips

Useful Tips How to Protect Your Information Online

In our previous Zlog, we’ve highlighted the worst apps for privacy in the year behind us. But, as the Internet landscape is continually changing and evolving year after year, it’s easy to overlook important aspects that make up your online world.

As an online user, you can do a lot of things to retain control of your valuable information. If you want to make your online data just a bit safer, consider including these cybersecurity resolutions and tips for improving privacy on your list for 2021. Read more...

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