Can ISPs Sell Your Data?

can ISPs sell your data

Can ISPs Sell your Data and Personal Information?

Have you ever wondered if your internet service provider tracks your internet data and history? Since they provide you with your internet service, it’s to no surprise that every bit of information you are exchanging, receiving or sending on the internet, goes through your ISP. Depending on where you live and your country’s regulations, your ISP can keep and use your information in a number of different ways. But, can ISPs sell your data to advertisers and third parties? Read this week’s Zlog and find out. Read more...

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Can you Get in Trouble for Using a VPN?

Legality of VPN's

The Legality of VPN’s – Can you Get in Trouble for Using a VPN?

In the early years of VPN’s, these virtual networks were considered illegal, as there was a widespread opinion among internet users that only hackers and criminals use VPN. Of course, this opinion is long outdated now. But, there are still a lot of misconceptions attached to Virtual Private Networks. In this week’s Zlog, we’re diving into the legality of VPN’s in order to bring you the most accurate information about this very useful online tool.

Are VPN’s Illegal?

The short answer would be no. But, since we need to go in-depth in order to accurately discuss this topic, the answer to the initial question may vary. This is because the legality of VPN’s largely depends on how you use the VPN service. If you’re using the VPN for illegal purposes, it doesn’t matter if the service is legal in your country, you can still be prosecuted. Read more...

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The Biggest Security and Privacy Scandals of 2018

privacy and security scandals of 2018

Most Impactful Security and Privacy Scandals of 2018

2018 has seen its fair share of security and privacy scandals, with major leaks from big companies making the front news all throughout the year. So, in this weekly edition of the ZoogVPN Blog, we’ll take a look at the four biggest security and privacy scandals of 2018.

The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica Scandal

The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal was without any doubt the biggest privacy scandal that occurred in 2018. It was much more than just a privacy and security breach, as it became a major political scandal. It erupted in March 2018 and was covered by all major media outlets, and reached front pages of the Guardian and BBC. Read more...

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Why Getting a VPN Service Should be one of your New Year’s Resolutions

vpn service

Now is the Perfect Time to Get a VPN Service

The New Year is here, and many of us are enjoying the winter, indulging in holiday activities and making plans for 2019. We’re also taking a look back at the previous year and reevaluating some of the choices we’ve made.

For privacy and tech enthusiasts, it was a big year that brought massive changes to the online scene, with GDPR among other bringing the biggest change in data privacy laws regulation in the last 20 years. With all of the recent turbulences, it’s more important than ever to ensure your privacy and security. Here’s why you getting a VPN service should be one of the first things you do for yourself in 2019. Read more...

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The 5 Most Secure Internet Browsers

most secure internet browser

What are the most Secure Internent Browsers?

Maintaining online security and privacy is one of the most important things to do when browsing the internet. Luckily, there are a few reputable browsers that do an excellent job protecting your online sessions. But, do you know what features does each browser have and how do they fare compared to one another? In this week’s Zlog edition, we’re ranking the 5 most secure internet browsers.

What Makes a Secure Internet Browser?

Before we go into straight into the topic, it’s important to be clear about what exactly makes a secure internet browser. A secure internet browser should have a set of security features like download protection, URL filtering, regular updates and the ‘do not track’ feature. All of the browsers we’re going to talk about on this page have these features and can rightfully claim to be secure for an average internet user. Read more...

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