Avoid the Coronavirus Infodemic – Dangerous Fake News During COVID-19

Coronavirus infodemic

How to Avoid the Coronavirus Infodemic

We all know what the term “fake news” means, but do most of us go more in-depth and look up ways on how to avoid unreliable and dodgy sources? For the majority of online users, this term is closely tied with Donald Trump and his constant battle with opposing media that has been going on for over the past few years. But, in reality, this is a growing issue that can affect everyone, one that can be dangerous when it comes to things such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In this week’s blog, we’ll talk about the rising trend of Coronavirus-related infodemics and how you can put a stop to it by using a VPN. Continue reading to find out more. Read more...

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Should you leave Your VPN on 24/7?


Should You Always Use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network has become one of the most popular tools among privacy-conscientious online users. We use it for all kinds of online activities, from keeping our valuable information safe to accessing content without any borders or restrictions. However, even though it is a very useful gadget that makes using the Internet even more convenient, is it beneficial to use it 24/7? Read this week’s Zlog and find out everything you need to know about this topic.

How to Know When You Need a VPN

Leaving your VPN on all the time is, without a doubt, the safest way to use the Internet. But, is it necessary to have your VPN turned on all the time? To make it easier for you to determine if you need a VPN or not, we’ve established three different levels of priority – necessary, useful, and not necessary. Here’s a quick overview of what activities you should prioritize using a VPN for. Read more...

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Do You Need Additional Encryption When Using Zoom?


How Safe is Zoom?

Zoom is a US-based video conferencing platform that has been providing video telephony and online chat services since 2011. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the entire globe over the past few months, this video platform has experienced exponential growth in users. So much so, that its free version increased its user base by over two-thirds compared to the same time last year. The platform’s rapid growth in popularity has piqued our interest to research its characteristics a bit more. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll take a more in-depth look at Zoom’s security features and share with you some tips on how to stay safe when using this video conferencing platform. Read more...

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COVID-19 Cybersecurity Toolkit – Handy Tips To Go By

COVID-19 cybersecurity toolkit

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Toolkit – Essential Tips on Staying Safe During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a big impact on our day-to-day lives, drastically changing all of our daily routines and forcing many people to start working from home. While working remotely and minimizing direct contact helps slow down the spread, it also brings a whole new set of challenges to the table. The biggest one of all is undoubtedly data security. In this week’s Zlog, we’re going to share with you a few essential tools you should have in your COVID-19 cybersecurity toolkit and go over a few tips that will help you stay safe online during the pandemic. Read more...

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The Best Things you can do for Free During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Entertainment during COVID-19

Stuck at Home Because of COVID-19? Here are the Best Free Things You Can Do Online

With all major sports competitions, music events and movie premieres canceled, as well as a complete shutdown of cafes, restaurants, and public places of gathering; there’s not much we can do except sit at home and find entertainment on the online world. If you’re from the US or any other country that decided to restrict the movement of their citizens, it’s completely normal that you’re getting stir crazy from having to stay all the time indoors. Here are some of the best ways you can pass the time during the COVID-19 shutdown without spending any money online. Read more...

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