What is the reason that makes Netflix ignore more than 30 million VPN users?


30 million VPN users estimated to watch Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the fastest growing online video streaming services in the world. One of the main reasons for this is the opportunity to watch Netflix content all over the globe with the help of VPN (Virtual Private Network). It turns out that users who are fond of online on-demand streaming platforms that provide high-quality content cannot be stopped by simple geo-restrictions. Netflix is well-aware of this trend but it seems that they ignore the problem (if we can call this a problem). Read more...

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 What’s Streaming in August on HBO Now?

what is streaming on HBO this august

Streaming in August on HBO Now

Those who love movies and TV shows probably know why HBO is considered to be one of the best premium cable and satellite television networks in the United States.

It all started in 1972 when this network was founded in Pennsylvania.  It is interesting to know that when this network started the media didn’t pay much attention to it because there were many similar networks in the previous two decades who have started in the same way, but they were soon closed. However, HBO was different. Their management and their team were determined to make a difference and they eventually did that. They have managed to expand nationwide and what made HBO different that the rest was the constant investment in innovation. Read more...

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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

how to stay safe on public wi-fi networksHow to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Free public Wi-Fi networks (Wi-Fi hotspots) in places such as hotels and cafes are very practical, but they also pose as risk for you and your computer or mobile device. Wireless and Wi-Fi networks have changed the way we access the Internet. These public networks can be found everywhere including restaurants, cafes, libraries, malls, hotels, airports, sport centers etc. In addition, there are wireless local networks or WLAN which allow fast internet on public locations or at home and you can access them through your personal computer, smartphone or devices that allow wireless internet access. Users should also keep in mind that there are paid public Wi-Fi networks (in some hotels for example) and free Wi-Fi networks. No matter what type of Wi-Fi network people use, they should know that there is always a risk of hacker attack or security breach. So, the question is – how to stay safe on public Wi-Fi network? There is no universal answer to this question, but there are some steps that each of us can take in order to protect ourselves when accessing the Internet from a public Wi-Fi network without affecting the work of our computer or mobile device. Read more...

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Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

The modern world is overflowed with opportunities for entertainment. It was all dandy when we invented the television, and people were able to watch many shows and movie whenever they felt like it. But with the advent of the internet we were ushered into a whole new era. Entertainment is now readily available all throughout the world, in any given second. But there are indeed still a couple of barriers left that prevent us from gaining access to the world’s top quality entertainment. This will be the theme of this article – and more concretely, whether you’ll be able to watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer. Read more...

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