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Stay anonymous online

Can a VPN Be Completely Anonymous? – Yes, But Here’s How

Online anonymity is an all-encompassing term and doesn’t mean the same for everyone. For some Internet users, it just includes browsing in private or avoiding targeted ads and services. For others, it includes complete facelessness in the online world and Internet usage without leaving a trace. 

While we know this is impossible to do without any tools in today’s online world, are VPNs the solution for everyone that wants to be anonymous online? On this page, we’ll discuss the biggest threats to your online anonymity and what features a VPN needs to have to guarantee your anonymity. Read more...

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What Are TCP and UDP – Basic VPN Protocols Explained


Understanding the Differences Between TCP and UDP

TCP and UDP are two of the most fundamental protocols you’ll find in almost any VPN service. Among the many VPN protocols available in ZoogVPN apps, we also offer you the option of using these two protocols. 

So, what is the difference between TCP and UDP? Moreover, is one better than the other? Both protocols have their strengths, weaknesses, and standout features. In this Zlog post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about TCP and UDP, so you always know which one is the better choice depending on your online activities. Read more...

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What Is Geo-Targeting and How a VPN Helps You Avoid It


How to Put a Stop to Geo-Targeting with a VPN

You’ve probably experienced countless situations where you’d be just browsing the Internet or watching YouTube, only to be interrupted by an oddly specific ad. An ad that announces that a new shop or restaurant just opened in your city. This is no coincidence, as such ads result from intense geo-targeting by advertising companies and websites looking to maximize their profits by directly targeting consumers.

So, what is geo-targeting, and how does it work? Equally as important, is it an invasion of your privacy or just a pesky annoyance you have to deal with? Lastly, what can you do to avoid geo-targeting? We’ll answer all of these and more questions in this week’s Zlog post. Read more...

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What is DD-WRT? – Everything You Need To Know


Understanding DD-WRT – A Quick Guide

Regardless of which router you may have, it comes with a specific type of firmware. This is a set of commands that controls how your router performs. More importantly, it also directly impacts your router’s security capabilities. DD-WRT firmware is one of the most prevalent worldwide and is a type of firmware we support for direct VPN installation on a router. So, how does DD-WRT work, and how secure is it on a base network connection? We’ll answer these and other important questions in the latest Zlog post. Read more...

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Can a VPN Lower Ping When Gaming?

VPN lower ping

Can a VPN Lower Ping When Gaming? (Yes, and Here’s How)

In today’s fast-paced online multiplayer games, every millisecond makes a crucial difference between success and failure. If you have a slow connection, you’ll experience in-game delays. In return, your online opponents will always have the upper hand simply because they have that slight network speed advantage.

As a tool used to improve your connection’s safety and privacy, a VPN is generally regarded as something that will always slow down your network when you turn it on. But is this always the case? Or can you use a VPN to lower ping and get a smoother gaming experience? Read this page and learn all of the details. Read more...

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