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Sharing is Caring – Get Huge Data Rewards by Sharing with Your Friends & Family

We are pleased to introduce “Refer a Friend” program packed with MASSIVE rewards for you and your friends & family. The program also helps to spread the word about ZoogVPN while helping us bring free, private and secure Internet to even more people.

Free Plan Subscribers

As an existing Free Plan subscriber you will receive up to 50GB of FREE monthly data allowance for life by inviting your friends & family to zoogvpn. For your first friend referral you will be awarded a HUGE 4GB of monthly data allowance for life, double the basic free allowance! For every friend who joins ZoogVPN we’ll give you both a bonus of 500MB of monthly data allowance for life! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 to share the love! Read more...

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VPN Users Feel Threatened and Confused by Port Forwarding Errors

Get Internet freedom and security with VPN

ZoogVPN Users Remain Safe Despite Port Forwarding Errors

It seems that torrent users have experienced a lot of difficulties because of the problems between OpenVPN, point-to-point tunneling protocol and Internet protocol security.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols come with a small weakness that can be used by hackers and cyber criminals to determine the real IP address of the user. Perfect Privacy is the VPN provider that has identified this potential security threat to VPN users. According to PP, this is actually a type of port fail that has an impact on virtual private networks that work with IPSec or PPTP or rely on the famous OpenVPN platform. Read more...

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UK VPN Servers Blocked by BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is Watched Outside UK by Over 60 Million People

There are several online streaming services owned by popular media networks, but none of them can be compared to BBC’s iPlayer service which is by far the most popular one. The BBC iPlayer is available only in the United Kingdom for people who pay certain monthly or yearly fee for the service. However, the truth is that many people use BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Using BBC iPlayer outside the UK

According to some statistics, there are more than 60 million active viewers of BBC iPlayer abroad. Those who are wondering how is this possible, have probably never heard about VPN – Virtual Private Network. There are few other tools that can help people get access to geo-restricted online platforms, but VPN has proven to be the most effective one. There are many VPN service providers offering deals that can help people cover/replace their IP addresses with an IP address that comes from the country of their choosing. In other words, with the help of a reliable VPN service you can access any website you want from any location in the world. Read more...

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Watch Showtime with Hulu outside US

watch showtime with hulu outside us

Watch Showtime With Hulu outside US

Showtime, also known as SHO, is one of the best cable and satellite TV networks in the United States. Showtime is owned by Showtime Networks which is part of the CBS Corporation. This network was founded in 1976 and ever since then they are constantly growing and upgrading their programming. According to some statistics, more than 28 million TV households in the United States have access to Showtime. Of course, the management of this famous network is always trying to increase the number of viewers by following the latest trends in the field of television. This is why they have decided to get involved in the online streaming industry. Now, you can watch Showtime with Hulu. Read more...

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What Is “Right To Be Forgotten” and Google’s Stand?

google right to be forgotten

Google’s Stand on Right to Be Forgotten Laws

Have you heard about the privacy wars that are taking place throughout the world? Things are really heating up including in Europe where there are many governments working to gain access to some of the most private of information in an effort to curb terrorism, they say. For those who are in the U.K. or throughout Europe and wondering what is next, take into consideration Google. You know the company has the largest search engine provider. Google is known for its innovative services and really cool products, but you may also have heard about the “Right to be Forgotten.” If you have not heard of it yet, you likely will. You should know what it means to you personally. Read more...

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