Watch Showtime with Hulu outside US

watch showtime with hulu outside us

Watch Showtime With Hulu outside US

Showtime, also known as SHO, is one of the best cable and satellite TV networks in the United States. Showtime is owned by Showtime Networks which is part of the CBS Corporation. This network was founded in 1976 and ever since then they are constantly growing and upgrading their programming. According to some statistics, more than 28 million TV households in the United States have access to Showtime. Of course, the management of this famous network is always trying to increase the number of viewers by following the latest trends in the field of television. This is why they have decided to get involved in the online streaming industry. Now, you can watch Showtime with Hulu. Read more...

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What Is “Right To Be Forgotten” and Google’s Stand?

google right to be forgotten

Google’s Stand on Right to Be Forgotten Laws

Have you heard about the privacy wars that are taking place throughout the world? Things are really heating up including in Europe where there are many governments working to gain access to some of the most private of information in an effort to curb terrorism, they say. For those who are in the U.K. or throughout Europe and wondering what is next, take into consideration Google. You know the company has the largest search engine provider. Google is known for its innovative services and really cool products, but you may also have heard about the “Right to be Forgotten.” If you have not heard of it yet, you likely will. You should know what it means to you personally. Read more...

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ZoogVPN v2.1 released!

We are very pleased to announce that ZoogVPN v2.1 is released! Better, faster and smarter VPN from zoogvpn! In  version 2.1 we’ve introduced streamlined 1Gbit VPN servers across our fast VPN Network to better serve all regions around the world. Whether you’re in Americas, Europe or Asia you can stream US TV outside US with the highest streaming speeds in full HD. Equally important the new release introduces stronger security encryption giving you peace of mind when surfing the Internet. Read more...

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ZoogVPN launches new website!

Dear friends!

Good news! Today we have finally launched new and improved ZoogVPN website. With improved UI and usability we hope our clients will find the new website simpler and more enjoyable to use. We’ve also considerably improved the account area for our clients with an easy walk through to install ZoogVPN on desktop and mobile devices.

Keep an eye on new features and new supported devices coming out in the very near feature. Your feedback as always is very welcome. Please let us know what you think of the new site and of the ZoogVPN service overall. Read more...

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