Biggest VPN Myths People Think Are True

VPN myths

Biggest VPN Myths On the Internet Explained

In the last couple of years, VPNs have become increasingly popular among casual internet users. Revelations about government surveillance, location-banned sites and platforms and the general increase of privacy-invasive policies have prompted many people to start using these convenient privacy tools. But, even though with each growing day there is an increase of VPN users, many people believe certain things about VPNs that are absolutely not true. In this week’s Zlog, we will debunk the biggest VPN myths users still think are true, to help provide you with as much information to ensure maximum online privacy and security. Read more...

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How to Stop Facebook From Listening in on You

How to Stop Facebook From Listening in on You

Fear that Facebook is Listening in On Your Conversations? Here’s how to stop it

Over the previous two weeks, we’ve talked about how Amazon and Google are using their AI assistant devices and services to spy on their users’ online activities and gather personal information. In this week’s Zlog, we’re rounding up the topic with yet another huge online platform that has been of undertaking similar activities – Facebook. The most popular social media platform has been the focal point of many privacy scandals over the years, including accusations that it is listening in on the conversations of its users. Read this week’s Zlog and find out the myths and the truths surrounding this controversy, as well as a few useful tips you can apply to stop Facebook from listening in on you. Read more...

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How to Stop Google from Listening in on you

Stop Google from listening in on you

Google is Definitely Listening to You – Can you stop it?

In last week’s Zlog post, we addressed the growing concern of Amazon Echo users that Amazon’s super-popular voice assistant, Alexa, is listening in on its users all the time. This week, we continue the story with Google, yet another big company rumored to be listening in on its users. Read this week’s Zlog to learn the truth behind the allegations that the company is storing user recordings and find out how to stop Google from listening in on you.

How is Google Listening?

Being a voice-command-based service, Google’s Assistant works in a similar way to Amazon’s Alexa. Every time you want to use it, you can activate it by voice by saying “OK Google”. While the company says that the voice search function can only be activated by saying these special words, investigations from several sites show that even just by saying “OK” or a similar sounding word activate the voice service for 20 seconds. Read more...

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How to Stop Amazon’s Alexa From Listening In On You

Stop Amazon’s Alexa From Listening In On You

Fear that Amazon’s Alexa is Listening In On You? Here’s How to Stop It

 Since the beginning of 2019, almost every major news outlet has reported that Amazon Echo, better known as Alexa, is listening in on you all the time. This has stirred up a lot of attention among privacy advocates all around the globe and shed light on two other companies that have also been accused of similar tactics – Facebook and Google. Seeing that this is a topic of extreme importance, here at ZoogVPN, we decided to put all of our efforts into researching the depths of this subject to find out the truth about these recently-developed events. Read more...

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware

In the digital age, the terms cybercriminals and ransomware have become household names. Most cybercriminals use ransomware to demand payment of any sort from the owners of the data that they hold hostage. The payment that cybercriminal usually accepts is fiat currency, crypto coins, or other forms. Businesses keep important personal information of their customers, and they know how important it is to make sure that their data is safe and secure. It is possible to put their customers’ data in danger when their security is breached. Read more...

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