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Stay anonymous online

Can a VPN Be Completely Anonymous? – Yes, But Here’s How

Online anonymity is an all-encompassing term and doesn’t mean the same for everyone. For some Internet users, it just includes browsing in private or avoiding targeted ads and services. For others, it includes complete facelessness in the online world and Internet usage without leaving a trace. 

While we know this is impossible to do without any tools in today’s online world, are VPNs the solution for everyone that wants to be anonymous online? On this page, we’ll discuss the biggest threats to your online anonymity and what features a VPN needs to have to guarantee your anonymity. Read more...

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What Is Geo-Targeting and How a VPN Helps You Avoid It


How to Put a Stop to Geo-Targeting with a VPN

You’ve probably experienced countless situations where you’d be just browsing the Internet or watching YouTube, only to be interrupted by an oddly specific ad. An ad that announces that a new shop or restaurant just opened in your city. This is no coincidence, as such ads result from intense geo-targeting by advertising companies and websites looking to maximize their profits by directly targeting consumers.

So, what is geo-targeting, and how does it work? Equally as important, is it an invasion of your privacy or just a pesky annoyance you have to deal with? Lastly, what can you do to avoid geo-targeting? We’ll answer all of these and more questions in this week’s Zlog post. Read more...

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Why It’s Essential to Keep Your IP Address Private

keep your IP address private

Why You Should Keep your IP Address Private (And How To Do It)

Your IP address is a vital part of your online experience. That said, it can also be a potential weak point for anyone looking to exploit or steal your sensitive information. Protecting your IP address is crucial if you want to ensure a safe and private online experience. With that in mind, by the end of this page, you’ll learn why it’s essential to keep your IP address private and the three best tips on how you can ensure that.

How Can Anyone Find Your Real IP Address?

Much like your personally identifiable number, your IP address is a string of numbers that’s unique only to you and no other online users in any other location worldwide. And, since your IP address often holds a lot of your private information, some people may look to capitalize on this. Malicious online users can get ahold of your IP address in many different ways. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common ones: Read more...

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3 Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Travel

VPN for travel

Why Travelers Are Increasingly Using VPNs

The summer is quickly approaching, and with it, the prospect of traveling abroad and experiencing the different cultures the world has to offer. With that in mind, many things can go wrong that can ruin your well-planned trip. From losing one of your devices to someone stealing your credit card information, there are numerous security risks you could face when traveling. Even if you manage to avoid these potential issues, there are several other reasons why you might need a VPN for travel. We’ll go over all of them in this Zlog post.  Read more...

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What is a Digital Footprint? – How to Manage Your Online Presence

digital footprint

Many people like saying that when you put something on the Internet, it stays on there forever. In fact, it’s true that everything you do online leaves a small digital footprint of your real identity. Every time you’ve opened up a site or app, you’ve left a little telltale sign of who you are and what your preferences are. 

In today’s overexposed era, it’s crucial to keep your identity and interests far from the prying eyes of the online world. So, how do we leave these tracks online, and what can you do to minimize your online presence? Read this Zlog post and find out. Read more...

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