How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe From Hackers – 5 Simple Tips

How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe

Our Five Tips on How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe

You’ve most likely heard about the security meltdown Twitter experienced a few days ago, in which dozens of influential Twitter users, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Barack Obama, had their accounts hacked and used for a coordinated social engineering attack.  With that said, such attacks have happened before and will likely happen again on each one of the popular social media services. With social media being a critical part of personal, but also business lives for most of us, in this Zlog post, we decided to shine a light on this issue and discuss how you can avoid falling into cyber traps. Read on to learn our five tips on how to keep social media accounts safe from hackers. Read more...

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Net Neutrality – Everything You Have to Know On the Issue

Net Neutrality – Should we Have Unrestricted Internet?

net neutrality

The issue of net neutrality has been a hot topic over the previous couple of years, especially in the US. With many people declaring the “death of net neutrality,” there’s still an ongoing debate whether net neutrality is a good or bad thing. While the end of network neutrality still isn’t upon us, it would undoubtedly make a significant impact on the Internet as a whole. In this week’s ZoogVPN, we’ll talk about the probability of this happening, the effect of the FCC repeal of net neutrality on the future of the Internet, and all other aspects you should know. Read more...

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Third-Party Cookies in Your Browser – Why and How to Delete Them

third-party cookies

Why You Should Delete Third-Party Cookies in Your Browser

More often than not, browser cookies are a handy and convenient thing. They enhance user experience and make it much more streamlined than it would be otherwise. But, these data files also have another purpose, to track you. Every time you load up a website, you’ll get a cookie from the site’s server, but also a third-party tracking cookie from the advertiser that’s featured on the site.

So, occurrences like targeted ads and special offers tailored towards your interests that keep popping up on unrelated sites, all happen because of third-party cookies.  Third-party cookies have long been a big issue for privacy advocates, even though these data files most often don’t collect any sensitive personal information. Still, letting every single cookie through can compromise your privacy and even make you more vulnerable to hacker attacks. So, what can you do about this problem? Read this week’s Zlog to learn what they are, how they work, and why you should delete browser cookies. Read more...

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Should you leave Your VPN on 24/7?


Should You Always Use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network has become one of the most popular tools among privacy-conscientious online users. We use it for all kinds of online activities, from keeping our valuable information safe to accessing content without any borders or restrictions. However, even though it is a very useful gadget that makes using the Internet even more convenient, is it beneficial to use it 24/7? Read this week’s Zlog and find out everything you need to know about this topic.

How to Know When You Need a VPN

Leaving your VPN on all the time is, without a doubt, the safest way to use the Internet. But, is it necessary to have your VPN turned on all the time? To make it easier for you to determine if you need a VPN or not, we’ve established three different levels of priority – necessary, useful, and not necessary. Here’s a quick overview of what activities you should prioritize using a VPN for. Read more...

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Do You Need Additional Encryption When Using Zoom?


How Safe is Zoom?

Zoom is a US-based video conferencing platform that has been providing video telephony and online chat services since 2011. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has affected the entire globe over the past few months, this video platform has experienced exponential growth in users. So much so, that its free version increased its user base by over two-thirds compared to the same time last year. The platform’s rapid growth in popularity has piqued our interest to research its characteristics a bit more. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll take a more in-depth look at Zoom’s security features and share with you some tips on how to stay safe when using this video conferencing platform. Read more...

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