US Netflix vs. UK Netflix

british vs american netflixUS Netflix vs. UK Netflix

Netflix is one of the first providers of on-demand internet streaming content in the world. This is also one of the most popular services of this type. It has millions of subscribers and thousands of TV shows and movies that people can stream and rent. Netflix is offering online DVD and Blu-ray discs rental and video streaming. There are many reasons why people love Netflix and prefer it over the other similar services. Besides the huge number of videos, one other thing that makes Netflix great is the huge device support. This service is available for computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. It seems that this company is always following the latest trends in technology and that’s why it has millions of subscribers. However, there is one downside of this service – it can be viewed only in certain countries. In the beginning, Netflix was available only in the United States and Canada. After few years it became available in parts of Europe, Latin America and Australia and Oceania. But, what is even more interesting is the fact that there are several versions of Netflix. There is US Netflix and there is UK Netflix for example. That’s why many people wonder what’s the difference between these services, especially what’s the difference between the two most popular versions – US Netflix vs. UK Netflix. Read more...

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Watch BBC Sport online outside UK

watch bbc sport online outside ukWatch BBC Sport online outside UK

BBC Sport is a department of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which is known for the exclusive coverage of many popular sports. BBC is one of the first television channels to broadcast live sport events. Sport was part of their programs since 1950s. BBC Sport as a separate department was first introduced in 1988 for the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. There are also several analysis programs like Grandstand, Ski Sunday, Match of the Day and few others that are quite popular for years now. Read more...

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Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

The modern world is overflowed with opportunities for entertainment. It was all dandy when we invented the television, and people were able to watch many shows and movie whenever they felt like it. But with the advent of the internet we were ushered into a whole new era. Entertainment is now readily available all throughout the world, in any given second. But there are indeed still a couple of barriers left that prevent us from gaining access to the world’s top quality entertainment. This will be the theme of this article – and more concretely, whether you’ll be able to watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer. Read more...

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Watch Downton Abbey outside UK

watch Downton Abbey outside UK on ITV Player

Watch Downton Abbey outside UK on ITV

ITV is the oldest commercial TV network in the United Kingdom. This TV network is known for many TV shows, but Downton Abbey is definitely one of their most popular ones.

Just like the famous film, this drama is filled with many intrigues and secrets of the British elite. It also lets the viewers to peak into the lives of famous butlers and maids. The story of this TV show, which managed to win the hearts of the audience in a really short period of time, is located on the property in Downton Abbey. Lord Crawley sees the meaning and mission in his life in the preservation of the estate. After the news that his first in line successor has lost his life on the Titanic, things start to get a little bit complicated. It turns out that his first cousin Matthew Crawley is the successor now (a famous lawyer from Manchester). Matthew and his mother agree to move to the estate and this is exactly the period when things become interesting. In order to make the things even more interesting, the representatives of the British elite are not the only characters. Read more...

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Watch British TV outside UK this Christmas

watch british tv outside uk this christmasWatch British TV outside UK this Christmas

The miracle of television has struck the world like a thunder somewhere in the twentieth century. And nothing was ever the same since then. Namely, modern television has changed the world on many different aspects, many times for the better, but sometimes for worse. But this isn’t the primary concern of this article. But this article sets out to explain how you can watch high quality British TV if you happen to live outside the United Kingdom. If you thought this was impossible, then you have another thing coming. It is certainly possible, and we’ll tell you how. Read more...

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