Net Neutrality and VPN – What You Need to Know

Net NeutralityNet Neutrality

Internet service providers need to mind their own business – providing unbiased access to data, but without deciding which type of data users will be able to transmit faster or better through their networks. Net neutrality, which is often called the First Amendment in the United States (named after the first amendment of the US constitution, which among other things proclaims freedom of speech) would require that even the last page on the Internet, blog or amateur browser to be equally accessible as ISPs’ own websites or websites of the large corporations. Read more...

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How to Use VPN for Security and Convenience

How to use vpn for security and convenienceSecure your online activity with a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology that allows safe connection of private networks into shared virtual private network through public network infrastructure (today this is the Internet in most cases). The VPN creates a safe tunnel between two endpoints. This type of technology was first designed for remote workers of companies who needed access to the local network within the company when working from some other place – like their home or abroad. Thanks to the VPN, workers got the chance to access files, hard drives and even printers without the need to be present in the office. This was a really expensive technology back in the days and it was primarily used by big companies, banks and the government. Today the situation is different and many people use VPN services for their personal needs. They use VPN when they are out of their home, but also when they need to protect themselves against hackers when using public Wi-Fi or when they need to change their IP address in order to access some restricted website. In addition, those who want to be sure that their online privacy won’t be violated often use VPN because this technology encrypts the browsing sessions which means that no one can see what they are/were doing on the Internet. This is really important these days because the governments around the globe are implementing very strict laws and people are worried about their privacy. Read more...

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Online Privacy – A basic Human Right

Online Privacy - A basic Human RightOnline Privacy – A basic Human Right

Privacy is one of the basic human rights and online privacy is of no exception. This is a right to anonymity and confidentiality. Privacy refers to the area which is not public, in which we don’t act on behalf of a company, authority or any other legal entity. Private life is a term used to describe a part of an individual’s right covering those situations where it is reasonable to expect peace and non-interference in intimacy. Private life includes spheres of our lives where we are not dependent on the institutions, rules or any moral acceptability. The right to privacy begins with the protection of personal data in accordance with human rights conventions as well as the country’s constitution and laws. With these regulations, the individual is allowed to make independent decisions to whom, when and to what extent they will disclose their personal information. In the recent period we are witnessing a real revolution in the field of technology thanks to the advance of the Internet. People spend hours in front of their computers and they receive, send and share data with other people. That’s why experts are discussing another issue that is related to this activity and to privacy – online privacy. Read more...

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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using A VPN

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using A VPNVPN – Virtual Private Network

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a term used to describe a group of networked computers through a public network or the Internet. You may have heard about this definition, but what does this exactly mean? This means that you don’t have to use a computer physically only on one place. You can use it on any location in the world with the benefits that you have by using your local network.

In the recent period VPN is a term that is often associated with some immoral activities because certain companies believe that people use VPN solutions in order to bypass certain restrictions and get certain content for free. However, most VPN users are using this solution in order to protect themselves. VPN is a perfect solution when you use mobile devices too. There are many different categories of people who are using VPN services. Some of these categories include –students and employees who need better protection, individuals who are downloading a lot of content, individuals who live in countries where certain contents are restricted etc. Read more...

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US Netflix vs. UK Netflix

british vs american netflixUS Netflix vs. UK Netflix

Netflix is one of the first providers of on-demand internet streaming content in the world. This is also one of the most popular services of this type. It has millions of subscribers and thousands of TV shows and movies that people can stream and rent. Netflix is offering online DVD and Blu-ray discs rental and video streaming. There are many reasons why people love Netflix and prefer it over the other similar services. Besides the huge number of videos, one other thing that makes Netflix great is the huge device support. This service is available for computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. It seems that this company is always following the latest trends in technology and that’s why it has millions of subscribers. However, there is one downside of this service – it can be viewed only in certain countries. In the beginning, Netflix was available only in the United States and Canada. After few years it became available in parts of Europe, Latin America and Australia and Oceania. But, what is even more interesting is the fact that there are several versions of Netflix. There is US Netflix and there is UK Netflix for example. That’s why many people wonder what’s the difference between these services, especially what’s the difference between the two most popular versions – US Netflix vs. UK Netflix. Read more...

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