How to Watch Barclays Premier League Online


Watch Barclays Premier League Online

The English Premier League has started about three months ago, but it looks like the excitement is increasing with each round. There are some disappointments and unexpected results from clubs that were considered to be one of the favorites for the title like Chelsea for instance. On the other hand, there are several clubs that are close to the top of the table including Leicester City which is a great surprise. There is still time for the rest of the clubs too because the season ends on May 15, 2016. Don’t forget that there is a winter transfer period where many clubs will strengthen their teams with new names. Read more...

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UK VPN Servers Blocked by BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is Watched Outside UK by Over 60 Million People

There are several online streaming services owned by popular media networks, but none of them can be compared to BBC’s iPlayer service which is by far the most popular one. The BBC iPlayer is available only in the United Kingdom for people who pay certain monthly or yearly fee for the service. However, the truth is that many people use BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Using BBC iPlayer outside the UK

According to some statistics, there are more than 60 million active viewers of BBC iPlayer abroad. Those who are wondering how is this possible, have probably never heard about VPN – Virtual Private Network. There are few other tools that can help people get access to geo-restricted online platforms, but VPN has proven to be the most effective one. There are many VPN service providers offering deals that can help people cover/replace their IP addresses with an IP address that comes from the country of their choosing. In other words, with the help of a reliable VPN service you can access any website you want from any location in the world. Read more...

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Watch BBC Sport online outside UK

watch bbc sport online outside ukWatch BBC Sport online outside UK

BBC Sport is a department of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which is known for the exclusive coverage of many popular sports. BBC is one of the first television channels to broadcast live sport events. Sport was part of their programs since 1950s. BBC Sport as a separate department was first introduced in 1988 for the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988. There are also several analysis programs like Grandstand, Ski Sunday, Match of the Day and few others that are quite popular for years now. Read more...

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Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer Watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer

The modern world is overflowed with opportunities for entertainment. It was all dandy when we invented the television, and people were able to watch many shows and movie whenever they felt like it. But with the advent of the internet we were ushered into a whole new era. Entertainment is now readily available all throughout the world, in any given second. But there are indeed still a couple of barriers left that prevent us from gaining access to the world’s top quality entertainment. This will be the theme of this article – and more concretely, whether you’ll be able to watch Top Gear online abroad outside UK on BBC iPlayer. Read more...

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