The Three Biggest Data Breach Scandals of 2019

Online data breach

The Three Biggest Data Breaches of This Year

At the beginning of the year, we’ve gone over the biggest privacy leaks and data breach scandals that occurred in 2018. Now that the first half of 2019 has already passed, we wanted to take a look back at the biggest data breaches that happened so far this year. So, let’s get right into it with the largest data breach, which occurred at the very beginning of the year.

Collections #1 Data Breach

Collection #1 is the name given to the sets email addresses and passwords that became public on the dark web back in January of 2019. When it was discovered by Troy Hunt, an online security researcher, it became the largest data breach on the internet, numbering in over 2.7 billion email/password pairs. Collection #1 was publicly available to any internet-goer and was temporarily open for everyone at no cost. Read more...

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