Why Should You Stop Using Botnet Style VPN?

Stop Using Botnet Style VPN

A botnet is a term used to describe a certain number of Internet computers that have been infected with a virus. This virus allows hackers to use computers of unsuspecting users as tools for forwarding viruses and malware to other computers on the Internet. Since the owners are not aware of this activity, their computers are considered to be robots or bots hence the name botnet. In addition, experts use the term zombie army too. Read on to learn why you should stop using botnet style VPN

In the recent period, an increased number of people are using the services of VPN providers in order to improve their privacy on the Internet or to access websites and services like Hulu, Netflix and other similar services that have geo restrictions. The Virtual private Network solution provided by VPN providers is able to mask the real IP address with another IP address that can be located anywhere in the world. There are few other benefits of using VPNs and that’s why people are looking for services like this. Read more...

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