Are You Accidentally Exposing Private Data Online?

exposing private data online

 Don’t Expose Private Data Online

There is little doubt that modern technology and the invention of the Internet has made people’s lives a whole lot easier. It is now possible to do everything from paying your bills to doing your shopping from the comfort of your couch with just the swipe of a finger across a screen or the click of a mouse. It is even possible to watch TV and movies streamed directly from the Internet on sites like Netflix and Hulu using your subscription and VPN access with zoogvpn.

However, with this comfort and technology comes a price. Every time you order a service, pay a bill, or any other number of web related things, you put your private data online for hackers to try to acquire. It is extremely important not to make the mistakes listed below if you don’t want to accidentally expose your private data online. Read more...

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