Watch Gotham online in UK and Canada

Watch Gotham online in UK and CanadaWatch Gotham online in UK and Canada

A TV show about Batman without Batman – this is how media usually describe this spectacular new TV show. Nevertheless, the TV show has a huge following outside the US and many people want to watch Gotham online in UK and Canada. Before Batman appeared there was only Gotham City and Gotham is the title of the TV show that was first aired on FOX last autumn. Prior to this TV show, we have seen Batman in several movie versions. The truth is that there were Batman TV shows too, but none of them can compare to this one. This TV show was supposed to have 13 episodes in the first season, but because of its popularity the producers decided to add 9 more. Gotham has been voted as one of the most popular new TV shows for 2014 on lists created by many popular websites and magazines. It currently has a rating of 8.1 made by 134 users on IMDb. Rotten Tomatoes users have been even more generous – 81% of them like this TV show and the official tomatometer says 90% are in favor of Gotham. So, the initial skepticism is now gone and we can be sure that this TV show will have at least few seasons. Read more...

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