New Show Premieres to Watch on TV Outside US – A Short Guide

watch on TV outside US

Looking for New Shows to Watch on TV Outside US?

Even though this 2016, February comes with one extra day, this is still the shortest month of the year. However, this doesn’t mean that February lacks next TV shows and when we say new we mean brand new series and premieres of new seasons of existing TV shows. It seems that every major online streaming service in the US will present at least one new TV show and when we take a close look at their genres; we will soon realize that no TV show fan will be left disappointed. What is interesting is that some brand new series are expected to become new hits, but we will have to wait and see about that. Here are a few things you will want to watch on TV outside US. Read more...

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A List of Must-Watch Movies and TV Shows on HBO Outside US this February

HBO outside US

There’s Plenty to Watch on HBO outside US this February

January is coming to an end and you might have been satisfied with the offer that HBO had or not. However, according to several experienced critics, their February lineup of movies and TV shows will be much better than the one from January. Some of the content is produced by HBO, but there are also movies and TV shows from other productions that were carefully selected. Just like always, some of these content is brand new while the rest of it are classics. Judging by the titles, none of the popular genres was forgotten. Here are a few to watch on HBO outside US. Read more...

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Watch US TV Abroad: 10 Upcoming TV Premieres of 2016 You Need To Watch

watch US TV abroad

Check Out These Premieres When You Watch US TV Abroad

2016 is a year that definitely won’t disappoint fans of TV shows because every major network has prepared several new TV shows and they cover all genres. Hulu, HBO, Netflix and few other streaming services will allow their subscribers to enjoy in some amazing shows packed with excitement, amazing twists and great acting. Dozens of TV shows are scheduled for this 2016, but we will focus on the 10 most interesting ones. Here are a few things to check out when you watch US TV abroad.

10 Upcoming TV Premieres of 2016 You Need To Know About When You Watch US TV Abroad – A Short Guide

1. Love

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What to watch on HBO Outside US this January

watch hbo outside us

Watch HBO Outside US this Month

There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the most frequently mentioned video streaming services on the Internet today. However, HBO as one of the oldest TV networks in the United States is doing their best to keep up with Netflix when it comes to streaming services. HBO Now subscribers get access to a very rich library filled with unique movies and TV shows each month and this January, 2016 is not different. Here are a few things to watch on HBO outside US this month.

Now that the holidays are over, we can spend more time on watching some amazing series and movies on HBO. Read more...

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