How You Can Save Money with a VPN

Save money with a VPN

How to Avoid Dynamic Pricing and Save Money with a VPN

We often dedicate entire blog posts to specific features and aspects of VPN services you should know about. VPNs come with a lot of advantageous features, such as data encryption, anonymous browsing and many other. But, in this week’s Zlog, we’re not going to talk about all of the security and privacy features you can count on. Instead, we’ll take a practical approach and talk about how you can save money with a VPN.

Dynamic Pricing – What is it and how does it Affect You?

A lot of sites use dynamic pricing on their platforms. In short, this is when they set flexible prices for services or products based on the current market demands.  Websites that use dynamic pricing can operate with various levels of complexity. This complexity can range anywhere from just adjusting the currency based on your IP address, to monitoring your browsing history through browsing cookies. Read more...

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