Watch The Six Nations on ITV Hub Outside of the UK

Watch The Six Nations on ITV Hub

How to Watch The Six Nations on ITV Hub Outside of the UK

The Six Nations Championship has all but started and many rugby fans from the UK and the entire world are already gearing themselves up for the first match. UK’s ITV Hub will be extensively covering every match from day one. Unfortunately, many fans will also be stripped of the opportunity to watch live matches due to their location, as only UK viewers are allowed access to the ITV Hub. That’s why, in this week’s Zlog post, we’re going to share with you tips on how you can watch The Six Nations on ITV Hub even if you’re located outside of the UK. Read more...

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How to watch ITV Hub Outside of the UK by Using a VPN

Watch ITV Hub Outside of the UK

How to watch ITV Hub Outside of the UK

ITV is a free UK TV station available via the ITV Hub. The ITV Hub (Independent Television Network’s on-demand video service) is an all-in-one platform that brings you the best in all British television. With that said, if you’re located outside of the UK, you will have face problems accessing the station. In fact, the territorial restrictions on ITV Hub are so strict that you can’t access it from Ireland, where most UK stations are available. But, there is a way you could access and watch ITV Hub outside of the UK. With a reliable VPN service you could stream ITV shows from anywhere in the world. Read our weekly Zlog post and find out how to do it.

Popular TV Shows you can Watch on the ITV Hub

Even though we’re spoiled with choice, quality content is hard to find these days. The online TV platform is associated with the TV channel of the same name, and judging by its lineup, this online platform has a lot to offer. ITV Hub is home to loads of quality content. No matter what type of shows you like to watch, you can definitely find something to suit your preferences. Among the user favorites are popular shows like I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and X Factor. There are also TV shows like Coronation Street and Downtown Abbey, and plenty of other quality shows.

Can I watch ITV Hub Without a VPN?

Unfortunately, if you’re outside of the UK, you’ll find access to the ITV Hub restricted to you. In order to go around the restriction, you will have to use a VPN to replace your real IP address with an address of a UK server. Of course, not all providers are the same, and many of them aren’t capable of going around ITV Hub geo-restrictions, even if you’re connected to a UK server.

If you’re outside of the UK and want to watch your favorite shows on ITV Hub, you can do so by using ZoogVPN. With our VPN service, you will be able to enjoy a fast and secure internet connection on up to 5 devices, including Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. This feature will be available if you opt in for the premium plan. The paid plans that will help you unlock ITV Hub are available starting with just a couple of bucks per month. Regardless of where you are, Australia, USA, or anywhere else, you can access and watch ITV Hub outside of the UK by using ZoogVPN. You’ll be able to set all of the VPN settings in just a few steps.

Can I watch ITV Hub Outside of the UK for Free?

ITV has several channels under its main ITV brand, including the ITV Hub. You can access and watch ITV Hub outside of the UK completely for free, all you need to do is to register on their platform. ITV Hub also has a subscription plan, standing at £3.99 a month. It’s called ITV Hub+ and adds some special features to your service, including ad-free shows and programs.

How do I use a VPN to access ITV Hub?

Using a VPN to access ITV Hub is extremely easy and straightforward. With the premium ZoogVPN service, you can complete the entire process with just three simple steps. All you need to do is to choose a paid service package and install the ZoogVPN app. After that, just connect to the available ZoogVPN London server. If you’re new to VPN’s and don’t quite know how they work, or if you encounter any trouble setting up your VPN for ITV Hub, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can check out the detailed info on our website’s page here.

The Best VPN For ITV Hub

Besides being a very budget-friendly VPN service, ZoogVPN is also your most reliable tool for unblocking ITV Hub. Like some big streaming platforms, the ITV Hub has recently started blocking VPN’s from accessing its content. Many VPN users online  have faced an error message: ‘’We’re sorry, something went wrong – please try again (ref: 006)’’. With ZoogVPN you won’t experience any error messages or have any problems while watching ITV Hub outside of the UK. Sign up with ZoogVPN today and enjoy your favorite shows without missing a thing!

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Watch Rugby World Cup on ITV Player Outside UK

watch rugby world cup 2015 online free

Watch Rugby World Cup on ITV Player Outside UK

This year, rugby fans from around the globe will have the chance to enjoy the skills and talent of the best rugby players in the world. The 8th Rugby World Cup or the 2015 Rugby World Cup will start on 18 September and end on 31 October. This elite tournament will be held in England and broadcasted by ITV. In addition, viewers can also use the ITV Player for live streaming. Those who are outside the United Kingdom can use zoogvpn for accessing ITV Player smoothly and without any restrictions to watch Rugby World Cup on ITV Player Outside UK. The experts in this field claim that this will be one of the best tournaments so far.

The History of Rugby World Cup

As the name suggests the Rugby World Cup is a tournament dedicated to rugby and it is organized every four years. The best international rugby teams from all over the world are the participants in this tournament. The winners will get the so-called William Webb Ellis Cup. The organization of this tournament is managed by the World Rugby federation.

The first Rugby World Cup was organized in 1987 when more than 16 nations competed for the gold medal. In the end, New Zealand managed to get this medal after defeating France in the finals. It is interesting to mention that the last tournament was held in New Zealand four years ago and it was the host that once again won the gold medal. New Zealand is the most successful nation with two champion titles, one second place, two third and one fourth. South Africa and Australia have won this tournament twice while England once.

2015 Rugby World Cup Basic Information

As previously mentioned, this year’s tournament will last for more than one month and it will be held in England. South Africa, Japan, and Italy were bidding for the organization, but the World Rugby organization has chosen England. England is one of the nations where rugby is extremely popular and they hope that this year they will win their second title.

The tournament will be held on thirteen different venues all over England. In addition, few matches will be organized in Wales on the famous millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Although few matches will be held on the popular Wembley Stadium which also has the largest capacity among all stadiums (90.000) the final match with be organized on Twickenham stadium. This stadium is the largest stadium on our planet, which is designed only for rugby union. This is also the second largest stadium in England right after Wembley stadium.

There will be a total of 20 teams that will be part of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The majority of the teams (12 of them) have managed to qualify on the World Cup in 2011 because the first 12 nations from this tournament are directly qualified for the next tournament. The remaining eight nations had to participate in a long and interesting qualifying process. It is interesting to know that the same 20 nations that were part of the tournament in 2013 will be part of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Just like every World Cup, in August and September all, the participants were part of a series of warm-up matches and we have witnessed some very interesting results and matches, which promise a lot of fun and excitement this September and October. It is very difficult to predict who will win this year’s World Cup because there are few high-quality teams. However, many people who are actively following this sport say that New Zealand has the greatest chances to win for the third team and become the team with most gold medals. On the other hand, England (the host), South Africa, Australia, and Ireland also hope that they have the chances to surprise the strong team of New Zealand.


ITV Sport will be the exclusive broadcaster for this event for the UK and worldwide. They have also broadcasted the tournament from 2011. In order to watch these matches online, you can use the ITV Player, which doesn’t work outside the UK unless you use the help of a reliable VPN service like the one provided by zoogvpn. So with the help of zoogvpn, you can now watch Rugby World Cup on ITV Player outside UK.

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