Keeping Your Online Information Safe

Keeping your data safe and secure onlineKeeping your online information safe and secure

We are all aware that the use of the Internet is monitored – from the fact that the US national Security Agency which approved data analysis of “suspicious” individuals to Facebook’s approval of the use of images, photos and likes of its customers for advertising products of its investors. So, it is no surprise that the question of privacy and personal data protection is becoming so important these days.

According to several surveys conducted in the past year, about 2/3 of Internet users are now more worried about privacy than they were one year ago. Almost the same number of people say that they probably won’t allow websites to monitor their current location and more than 85% will think twice before they click on an online ad. When it comes to the greatest fears of people who use the Internet – about 94% of people are concerned when they are shopping online, 90% when they are use online banking, 90% when they use the social networks etc. Read more...

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