COVID-19 Cybersecurity Toolkit – Handy Tips To Go By

COVID-19 cybersecurity toolkit

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Toolkit – Essential Tips on Staying Safe During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a big impact on our day-to-day lives, drastically changing all of our daily routines and forcing many people to start working from home. While working remotely and minimizing direct contact helps slow down the spread, it also brings a whole new set of challenges to the table. The biggest one of all is undoubtedly data security. In this week’s Zlog, we’re going to share with you a few essential tools you should have in your COVID-19 cybersecurity toolkit and go over a few tips that will help you stay safe online during the pandemic. Read more...

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5 Resolutions That will Improve your Privacy in 2020

Online Privacy in 2020

How to Improve Your Privacy in 2020

With 2019 behind us, we can take a look at everything that has happened over the previous twelve months. The year behind us saw even more significant online advances, yet it also continued the trend of decreasing user privacy and data control at unprecedented rates. But, instead of mentioning the possible mistakes you should avoid online as most sites do, we’ll go in a different direction. In this week’s Zlog, we’re bringing you five privacy tips that can help you improve your privacy in 2020. Read more...

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How to Stop Facebook From Listening in on You

How to Stop Facebook From Listening in on You

Fear that Facebook is Listening in On Your Conversations? Here’s how to stop it

Over the previous two weeks, we’ve talked about how Amazon and Google are using their AI assistant devices and services to spy on their users’ online activities and gather personal information. In this week’s Zlog, we’re rounding up the topic with yet another huge online platform that has been of undertaking similar activities – Facebook. The most popular social media platform has been the focal point of many privacy scandals over the years, including accusations that it is listening in on the conversations of its users. Read this week’s Zlog and find out the myths and the truths surrounding this controversy, as well as a few useful tips you can apply to stop Facebook from listening in on you. Read more...

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Do you take Care of Digital Privacy? Here’s Why You Should

Digital privacy

Why You Should Take Care of Your Digital Privacy

A few decades ago, the concept of privacy was relatively straightforward. Nowadays, things aren’t all that simple. In the online world, this idea is skewed out of proportion, mostly because the majority of people don’t really understand what online privacy really means and how important it is. In this day and age, private data has a lot of value. If you want to protect it, you will need to be aware of everything it includes and know how possible data leaks can affect you. Read this week’s Zlog and find out how to take care of your digital privacy. Read more...

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