How To Pick The Perfect VPN Service

Some websites impose region restrictions or are geolocation blocked to impose regulations imposed by the government. A common regulation that imposes such restriction is copyright rules. Some sites, such as HBO, Amazon and Netflix apply region restrictions. But all is not lost, users can access these geo-restricted sites through a Virtual Private Network or VPN service.

At present, users are choosing VPNs to bypass geo-blocks, as a means of securing their data, or for privacy and to avoid surveillance. But the primary purpose of VPNs is nowhere near the reasons that most people are using VPNs today. The history of VPN started in 1996 during the development of Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), a method of communicating to a network peer on TCP port. The publication of its specification in 1999 commenced the changes on how VPNs are used, perceived, and developed. Before, only large organisations utilise VPNs for their local network.

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