How to Watch Peacock TV with a VPN – Quick Streaming Guide

watch Peacock TV with a VPN

Looking for New Content Online? – Watch Peacock TV with a VPN

If you haven’t been following, in April of this year, NBC launched its very own on-demand live streaming service. Now, while this streaming platform didn’t make a big boom while it came out, it might be worth taking a look a few months later. With the ongoing pandemic and most of us being stuck inside, you might be tired of switching between Netflix and Amazon, looking for new content. This is where Peacock TV comes in. With over 13,000 hours of movies, TV shows, and all sorts of entertainment programs, it offers you a great alternative if you’re looking for something new. Best of all, you can enjoy the service for free. Read more...

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How to Watch the Game of Thrones Final Season From Anywhere

stream the newest Game of Thrones episodes

How to Stream the Newest Game of Thrones episodes Online From Anywhere

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones is set to premiere a little over two weeks from now, on April 14th. It’s set to bring closure to the nine-year-old epic TV show that kept us glued to our screens with every passing episode. This season is pacing to be the most spectacular one and is a must-see for every fan of the genre. Here’s how you can stream Game of Thrones episodes from anywhere.


Hotstar is a digital entertainment platform launched in 2015 by Star India. They offer a massive online streaming platform with over 50,000 hours of entertaining TV content available in 8 languages. With seamless video playback, a friendly user interface and web, Google Play Store and Apple App Store applications, Hotstar is probably the best way to stream online TV shows like Game of Thrones. Read more...

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Why use VPN to watch TV online?

watch IPTV online

VPN to watch IPTV around the world

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology developed primarily for safe remote connection to the Internet. With the help of this solution, users are protected from hackers and from unwanted monitoring from internet service providers or the government agencies. However, this is not the only reason why people use VPN services. If you are interested in using VPN then you should definitely spend some time finding a good provider of this type of service because not all of them provide the same quality of service. ZoogVPN for example is the first choice for thousands of people looking for reliable and cost-affordable VPN service. This service is excellent choice regardless of the reasons why you need VPN.

In the recent period many people are interested in Internet TV or IPTV. This type of TV has proven to be an excellent alternative to satellite TV. However, there is one big downside of using Internet TV and that is the fact that you can’t watch all the channels and you can’t get access to all the services that provide TV shows and movies online because some of them restrict access to individuals that are not located in certain countries. For example, there are many services like Netflix and Hulu that don’t allow people from Asia or most parts of Europe to view their content. If the user is located in some country that’s not on their list, their systems detect the IP address and block their access. Thanks to a VPN you can mask your real IP address and get any IP address you want which ultimately means that you can get access to any website or internet service you want. This is actually a really simple process and although many people are concerned about the legality of these services they are completely legal. It is fair to mention that there are few other ways to watch restricted TV content over the Internet. So, why use VPN to watch TV if there are few other options?

This is a legitimate question and we will provide several reasons why this is the right method for every TV lover.

To start with, you will get unrestricted access to blocked content from any provider. There are situations when people want to watch certain TV programs and channels, but due to their government’s policy they can’t access these services over the Internet. Students on universities and people at work can get themselves in similar situations. So, whenever you feel in the mood to watch some of your favorite TV shows or movies you can count on VPN. No matter where you are currently located you won’t have to look at the “This content is not available in your country” notification if you use VPN. VPN service providers like ZoogVPN have lists of servers located in different parts of the world and you can connect to them whenever you want. Read more...

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