VPN Server Count – A Misleading Feature

VPN server count doesn't matter

Why The VPN Server Count Doesn’t Say Much About a VPN

Many VPN services advertize the number of servers and server locations as one of their main selling points. And the truth is, this works. Casual and new VPN users put this category at the top of the list, because, after all, a privacy-oriented service should have as much different servers as possible. But, although every successful VPN service should offer a variety of servers, the number of servers in itself is not a guarantee of the service’s reliability or trustworthiness. In this week’s ZoogVPN, we’re going to lay out a few important reasons why VPN server count isn’t as important as most users think. Read more...

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Do More VPN Servers Mean a Better Service?

VPN servers

The More VPN Servers The Better?

VPN’s are a very useful tool for every privacy and security advocate on the internet. But, the truth is that there is a lot of false and inaccurate information regarding this topic. And, as is most often the case, the customers are the ones who get the short end. In this week’s Zlog post we’ll dig a bit deeper into the unexplored topic of VPN servers in order to find out if more always means better.

What is a VPN Server and how Does it Work?

We all know that a VPN creates a secure tunnel around your internet connection, allowing you to fool both your ISP and the websites you visit. This is all operated through a VPN server, a combination of hardware and software configured with the VPN software. The server can be physically located anywhere in theworld, providing you with a remote connection. Read more...

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