Should you leave Your VPN on 24/7?


Should You Always Use a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network has become one of the most popular tools among privacy-conscientious online users. We use it for all kinds of online activities, from keeping our valuable information safe to accessing content without any borders or restrictions. However, even though it is a very useful gadget that makes using the Internet even more convenient, is it beneficial to use it 24/7? Read this week’s Zlog and find out everything you need to know about this topic.

How to Know When You Need a VPN

Leaving your VPN on all the time is, without a doubt, the safest way to use the Internet. But, is it necessary to have your VPN turned on all the time? To make it easier for you to determine if you need a VPN or not, we’ve established three different levels of priority – necessary, useful, and not necessary. Here’s a quick overview of what activities you should prioritize using a VPN for. Read more...

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Is Technology Changing Our Perception of Online Privacy?

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Can Technology Affect Our Perception of Online Privacy?

Technology is a big part of our everyday lives. It makes our lives easier, more convenient and more entertaining. But, are we relying on technology so much that we can’t see into the possible dangers it brings to our privacy? When it comes to online privacy awareness, 2019 could be the most important year in recent memory. In this week’s Zlog, we’re going to take a look at how technology affects our perception of privacy and online privacy, and what can we do about it.

How Modern Technology Affects Our Privacy

Given the current mainstream media and social network environment, it’s clear to understand that there is a growing movement of privacy advocates. Big names like Facebook and Google are quickly going down the ladder of companies we trust, mainly due to their reputation of mishandling personal information of their users. As researches show, the majority of internet users are aware that their personal information is being used in one way or another, but they also feel that they can’t do much about this. Read more...

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Which Country Has the Highest Percentage of VPN Users

Which Country Has the Highest Percentage of VPN Users

Taking a Look at the Most Popular VPN Markets

VPN services are enjoying massive worldwide popularity and this trend just seems to be getting stronger as the years go by. 2019 is promising to be the biggest year for VPNs, which enticed us to take a look at the current state of the VPN market and its potential. In this week’s Zlog post, we will do an in-depth analysis of the market to see which country has the highest percentage of VPN users and the most common reasons why privacy enthusiasts decide to use a VPN.

How Popular are VPNs?

According to the Global Web Index, 25% of internet users have used a VPN in the past month. While this might not seem like a particularly high number, when you take a better look at the number, two-thirds of that 25% say that VPNs are crucial to them. It means that over 16% of all internet users use VPN services every day or near daily. This goes to show just how much they are aware of the security and convenience a VPN brings. Read more...

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5 Types of Internet Users who need a VPN – Are You One of them?

Do you Need a VPN for Your Online Activity?

The online world offers unlimited possibilities, but it can also be a very unsafe place if you’re not careful. That’s why many people use antivirus, antimalware and VPN services to maintain their online security and privacy. If you’ve ever wondered if you need a VPN, high chances are that you should already have one. In this weeks Zlog post, we’ll talk about the 5 types of internet users who need a VPN and help you decide if you need a VPN service for your online activity.

Privacy Advocates

In countries like China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and even Russia, it’s impossible to access websites many users in the western hemisphere take for granted. Not only that, there have been plenty of documented cases where governments all around the world not only block users from accessing certain websites but also monitor and record every move that their citizens make while browsing the web. Read more...

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Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift? Get a VPN this Valentine’s Day

Get a VPN for Valentine's Day

Get a VPN this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you’re going to spend the day traveling abroad or staying in with your loved one, you’ll want to make sure you’re safe and secure on the internet, with no exceptions. Read this week’s Zlog post and find out why you shouldn’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to get a VPN this Valentine’s Day.

Why Get a VPN as a Valentines Gift?

Everyone needs a VPN. But, besides all of the security and privacy benefits a VPN brings to the table, there are a few additional reasons why you should get a VPN this Valentine’s Day. Read more...

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