Watch Snooker Masters in Alexandra Palace on BBC Outside UK


Now You can Watch Snookers Masters on BBC Outside UK

Even though snooker is a relatively new cue sport (about 150 years old), it is definitely a very popular sport with loyal fans. People are especially fond of snooker tournaments like Snooker Masters. The Masters are actually one of the oldest tournaments organized for more than 40 years – the first one was organized in 1975. Starting from January 10th and finishing on January 17th, the Masters will definitely bring a lot of fun and exciting moments because almost all of the best snooker players will be in Alexandra Palace venue. The event will be broadcasted on BBC. You can even watch it on BBC outside UK. Read more...

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What to Watch on Netflix outside US this January

Netflix Jan 2016

The holiday season is over and January is here. While you are trying to slowly adjust to your standard routine (or you are making certain changes in your life) there is no doubt that you are still interested in watching some good TV shows and movies. Luckily, you have many choices where you can satisfy your need for good pieces of cinematography. If you are subscribed to Netflix you can definitely count on a huge number of good movies and TV shows this January. This month is especially joyful for TV show lovers because there are several new TV shows and a few old shows with new seasons that will become available in the first month of 2016. You can watch these features on Netflix outside US. Read more...

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VPN Users Feel Threatened and Confused by Port Forwarding Errors

Get Internet freedom and security with VPN

ZoogVPN Users Remain Safe Despite Port Forwarding Errors

It seems that torrent users have experienced a lot of difficulties because of the problems between OpenVPN, point-to-point tunneling protocol and Internet protocol security.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) protocols come with a small weakness that can be used by hackers and cyber criminals to determine the real IP address of the user. Perfect Privacy is the VPN provider that has identified this potential security threat to VPN users. According to PP, this is actually a type of port fail that has an impact on virtual private networks that work with IPSec or PPTP or rely on the famous OpenVPN platform. Read more...

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When to use VPN services – a few reasons for them

VPN vs proxy

You’re Missing Out if You’re Not Using VPN

The Internet is one of the greatest phenomena in human history. There is no other tool that has managed to connect the world so quickly and clearly. This service has become the basic communication tool of modern people. If we start talking about the other benefits of using the Internet, we will need several pages just to scratch the surface. However, besides all these benefits, there is one big downside of using the Internet that has affected many people and in some cases this downside has changed their lives. The fact is that data transfer over the World Wide Web is vulnerable to security breaches. We all know that the Internet is not used for simple communication. People, organizations, and businesses share some very sensitive data online. If this data falls in the wrong hands, the consequences can be very harsh. Read more...

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VPN vs Proxy – A Detailed Comparison

VPN - Virtual Private Network - Word on the Place of Missing Puzzle Piece through Magnifier. Selective Focus.

Here are the Differences between VPN and Proxy

There are many people who believe that VPN and proxy is the same thing, but those who have experience with these services know that they are not. Internet users today are witnessing an increased number of concerns related to the use of the Internet. Some people are worried about their online privacy while others are frustrated because they cannot access certain websites and platforms because of their geographic location. What is even worse, the list is growing. The truth is that both VPN and proxy can be used when we are facing these concerns, but as we said before, people don’t know how and when to use each of these solutions. Read more...

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