Watch BT Sport outside UK

BT Sport

You Don’t Have to Be in the UK to Watch BT Sport

BT Sport is the brand name of a group of sports TV channels from the United Kingdom. It is part of the BT group and it started broadcasting programs about 2 years ago. This is also one of the most frequently used sources for watching sports events in the United Kingdom. Now let’s see what makes BT Sport so interesting.


One of the reasons why BT Sport is so popular is the fact that they have the broadcast right for the Premier League in the past three seasons. The Premier League has started about two months ago, but there is still a lot of time until this season is finished. This means that we will witness some very exciting matches in the following months. BT Sport will broadcast more than 38 live matches and it will also rerun some of the matches that were played. Those who love football will be thrilled to hear that BT Sport has also agreed on deals to broadcast The Champions League matches and some matches from the UEFA Europa League. In addition, they also air matches from the Scottish premier League, Seria A in Italy, Major League Soccer and Brasileirao. Read more...

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