What is a WWW2 Site, and is it Safe?

What are WWW2 Sites and Should You Access Them?

Oddly named domain webpages and recognizable sites with slightly altered names are usually a telltale sign of malicious activity. We’ve talked about before how hackers and scam artists use such platforms to get out valuable personal and financial information from you, but we’ve never come around to cover this topic in more detail. Let’s take a look at WWW2 sites and examine them to see whether they are malicious and why there are so many websites that carry such and similar domain names.

What is WWW Anyway?

We use the World Wide Web every day, whenever we go on the internet, but do we know what it is and how it works? To put it in simple terms, WWW is a hostname that serves to identify and specify the way you want to go when accessing a network. For example, typing www.site.com into your bar will always take you to the webpage section, just like typing mail.site.com will take you to the mail server if the website has set it up. Read more...

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